5 Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media

5 Frequently Asked Questions About Social Media

In last few years social media has become an integral part of people’s lives.  Social media transformed many things including the way of communication, mode of acquiring information, promotion of business, meeting new people, etc.  This medium is positively changing lives, yet many people and business owners are skeptical about it. They have various doubts about it, and today we are sharing 5 frequently asked questions about social media with possible answers.

Do I need it: Although people know the answer, but they still wonder if they need the social media. If you have this question, the answer is yes you need social media. What kind of work you do, or how you live your life, social media is essential for your success. Several social media services can simplify the life of an invidious, and if you are a business owner, it can help you get success as well. If you are keeping your business away from social media, you are making a big mistake and now is the best time to correct this error.

Can I measure ROI:  Many business owners have a rigid opinion for social media wondering if they can measure the impact of social media on their businesses? This opinion does not hold any strong ground because modern day analytical tools allow you to monitor entire traffic easily. You can simply configure the right analytics tools, and you can understand the benefits you are having with social media services and marketing.

Do I need a social media marketing expert: If you also have this question about hiring a dedicated rehouse for social media marketing, you are not alone with this doubt. Almost all business owners stay in a dilemma to hire someone for posting content on different social networks. Hiring a social media marketing expert is a good idea because they know how to do the promotion effectively. This way, you can have better results in less time.

Which platform is best for me: There are no definite answers for this question, and you should use as many social media services as many possible. Indeed that is not practical to use all the networks. In that case, it is advised to Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram for your social media marketing. These are the most popular social networks. Other than this, you can use other services as well that are popular in your area.

Which platform is best for me:  Posting less content makes your invisible on social networks and posting more irritate your followers. So, finding the sweet spot of post number is always a big issue for people. If you have a social media marketing manager, he would have a bright idea for same. But if you don’t have one, here are some suggestions that can help you. For twitter and Google+, three times a day is an excellent choice. For Facebook and Instagram 2 times a day is enough and For LinkedIn posting, 1 time gives a great result.


Indeed, you may have various other questions as well such as what should I post and what is the right time to post. You can know the answer to these questions only with your personal experience. You should post more often, check the maximum response time from your followers and post accordingly. As far as content is concerned, posting any valuable and related content can give good results to you.