6 Ways To Reduce Paper Consumption In Your Office

Reduce Paper Consumption

While the use of papers in office has decreased, still almost every office uses papers in some forms. If your office still consumes a big number of papers per month, you must be looking for ways to reduce paper consumption. Here are 6 effective ways you can reduce the consumption of papers in your office:

  1. Conduct Internal Communications Online

Communications have become easier and quicker with high speed internet in office. So, your office should make most of it by conducting all sorts of internal communications online. Develop a culture of communicating online and discourage everybody to print memos or leaving yellow post-in notes.

  1. Buy thinner and lighter papers

Going paperless is still a distant possibility for most offices. So, you need to use some form of papers. For one-time use and less important purposes, you can buy thinner and lighter papers and save big in paper consumption.

  1. Policies on Printing

There should have strict policies about what can be printed in your office printer. If printing is an integral part of your office or business, you should have policies such as printing both sides of the papers, using draft option to save ink cost, avoiding color printing, reducing margins and formatting well before printing.

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  1. Backup everything electronically

Many managers and office workers love to have more than single copy of every document. This single habit can significantly increase number of stacks of paper copies in office. The ideal way to solve this problem is backing up all important files on one or more computers. You can have the cloud, memory sticks or external hard drives to safely store all the office documents.

  1. Conduct Paperless meetings

One very effective way to promote the reduction of paper use is conducting paperless meetings. Let your employees think how to conduct a meeting without papers without harming the actual outcome or purpose of the meeting. Presentations can be done in power point, documents can be shared via emails and final outcomes can be noted down in mobile phones.

  1. Set Achievable Paper Consumption reduction Goals

If paperless office is your ultimate goal, you need to set smaller goals every month. Even 5 percent monthly reduction goal can slowly keep you on track to a completely paperless office.

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