5 Important Factors to Consider Before Selecting a Room for your Children

Room for your Children

Your children’s bedroom is a microcosm of their world. It is the one place where they long to return to after an exhausting day at the school or on a lazy summer holiday. Naturally, such a room is their space and an extension of their personality. Since children usually spend most of their time in their own room, the role of the room in the growth and development of a child is not to be undermined.

So, if you are shifting into one of the resale flats in Goregaon with your family soon, then simply moving into the rooms and unpacking will not do. One has to carefully choose the location of the children’s room on the basis of certain factors that will make that particular room the perfect fit for growing kids.

Some residential property developers, like the prominent Dynamix Group in Mumbai and Goa, lay special emphasis on architecting productive and growth-conducive rooms for all the members of the family in their apartment or flat layouts. We would recommend you consider buying your dream home from such reputed developers. However, if you do find yourself moving into a new home where individual rooms are not so clearly defined, then do consider the following five important factors before allotting a certain room to the kids:

  • Natural Light

Not only is warm sunlight a great source of Vitamin D, which is vital for the growth of children, but is also a mood enhancer. Any room that you select for your children should have ample natural light coming in through the windows. This will reduce the usage of artificial means of lighting and create a natural, healthy and productive environment inside the room for the kids. Dark and dingy rooms can be a nuisance for growing children and can leave them feeling lonely and isolated. Herein, the orientation of the room also matters. The windows should be placed as such that morning light after sunrise should be able to illuminate the children’s room.

  • Safety

A safe and child-proof room should be the priority when selecting a room for the kids, especially if the children are pre-teens. Make sure that the access to the balcony, if there is one, is safe and the railing outside should be strong and of a safe height. Slippery floors are strictly advised against as well. As for the glass of the doors and windows, it should be made from high quality tempered or laminated safety glass.

  • Space

You have to plan your children’s room’s location in such a way that it remains future-proof as the kids grow. This means the room should not be a tiny one, and should have ample space for study and games. Neat rectangular rooms are the best as they will allow you to plan and position the furniture better and enable the kids to organize their space more effectively.

  • Privacy

Another hugely important factor is that of privacy. Like adults, growing children also value privacy when in their zone as it helps them foster creativity and feel a sense of comfort. Selecting a room visible clearly from your own will hamper your children’s freedom as they will constantly restrict themselves thinking that you are invading their personal space. Ideally, there should be an additional room in between your room and that of your kids.

  • Vaastu

Finally, making your children’s room Vaastu-compliant can be a great idea. Vaastu is the ancient Indian science of architecture and spatial harmony that is hugely popular in India. If you are a believer in its tenets, then it can be of immense help in choosing the right room for your kids. Some of the tips you can follow for the same include choosing a room with an East, North or North-East orientation, choosing a room with square/rectangular layout, or making sure that a bathroom door should not open out to the children’s bed.

Thus, whether you have bought a 2BHK flat in Thane West or an apartment in Goregaon, don’t just randomize the selection of your kid’s room. Pay heed to the above-mentioned factors and choose a thoughtful space that will prove to be massively beneficial.