Boost Your Body Confidence With Thermage Treatment

What you think about your body can strongly determine your level of self-confidence and esteem. Having young looking beautiful skin is a sure shot way of feeling wonderful and confident without the need to apply layers of makeup everyday. You should definitely consider Thermage treatment if you feel that the quality of your skin is taking a toll on your confidence. Not only does Thermage replenish your skin but also helps you get rid of early signs of aging.

Thermage treatment is recommended globally by dermatologists and skin specialists for its unmatched ability to revitalize your skin and give it a smooth, wrinkle-free feel. It is performed using a mono-polar radiofrequency device that boosts collagen remodeling within your skin, to give it a smoother finish without any apparent side effects. The use of monopolar radio waves or radio frequency helps to take away years from your face, giving you a much needed confidence boost.      

How it works?   

The radiofrequency waves used in Thermage heat up deeper layers of the skin, enabling the development of new collagen or elastic fibers. It simultaneously remodels old collagen to give your skin a youthful looking, fresh appeal. The course of the procedure is strongly dependent on patient feedback such that the physician works towards creating a balance between effective treatment parameters and patient comfort. The physician is mindful that certain areas of your face may be more sensitive than others. In such sensitive cases, a local anesthetic cream is applied for 45 to 60 minutes prior to the procedure. As an extra precaution, an analgesic tablet is administered two hours prior to make sure that the procedure is conducted with minimal discomfort.     


Thermage treatment is highly effective as it targets a specific area. It is a great solution to a myriad of skin related concerns such as wrinkles and crow’s feet. The treatment typically takes about 30 minutes, depending on the focus area being targeted. It requires virtually no downtime and you can easily get back to doing your daily chores without worrying about anything. What makes this treatment extra special is that the results get better over time. Impact of the treatment is visible by the end of the first sitting itself and gets even better as time passes. Best results from Thermage are evident within 4-6 months of the treatment. In other words, not only is Thermage safe and dependable but also gives long-lasting results that further improve with time.         


Thermage treatment improves the quality of your skin by compensating for loss of collagen and elasticity due to aging. It is commonly compared to getting a non-surgical facelift – the results are just as good (if not better) and there’s no scalpel required. It is a single session treatment that shows progressive improvement over the next six months by giving you tighter, contoured and smoother looking skin. The results are natural looking yet highly effective to give your confidence a boost and help you feel proud of your natural skin.