5 Reasons Pests are attracted to your Home

victim of pests
victim of pests

Rodents and insects are attracted to our homesteads because they have similar needs as we do; food, shelter, and water. Unfortunately, when they find this in our homes, they tend to settle, and multiple.

Pests can be a real nuisance to homeowners — they creep into homes, course lots of distraction and sometimes, spread infections and diseases. And although there are ways to get rid of them, the best method is to prevent and discourage their entry in the first place.

But how do you do this?

Experts from pest control in Boise, ID recommend minimizing the availability of things that pull them in and allow them to survive. However, it is impossible to eliminate most of these attractants because they play a crucial role in our survival too. Still, all hope isn’t lost. Here are five reasons pests are attracted to your home and what you can do to discourage that.

Food and waste

As stated earlier, pests are attracted to food and waste, so you want to make sure that they don’t find these in your home. Insects and rodents will keep coming back to your home when they have a good supply of food – even if its waste. So, if you are noticing pest activity, or if you are determined to keep them away from your home, you should keep the food areas (like the dining and kitchen) clean and dispose of any leftovers. Even tiny crumbs can still attract pests to your home.

Holes and crevices in the wall

If your wall has crevices, cracks or holes, then it will attract pests because it serves as their haven. It seems as though these pests have a clever mind – because they tend to hide in hard to reach areas, and if that space is available in your walls, they’ll seize the opportunity. Smaller cracks act as homes for insects, while rats and mice can also use larger ones. Be sure to fill all the cracks and holes so when the pests come; they have nowhere to call home.


Some pests, like insects, love moisture – so, if your home is a bit moist, then you are bound to experience frequent pest issues. You can check for any leaks. Broken pipes might cause water to penetrate the walls, leading to dampness. Unfortunately, this makes your home susceptible to different kinds of pests and termite or ant issues. And when left unchecked, the problem can escalate into a big and costly one.

DIY pest control

Well, if you have been a victim of pests before and you opted to try and get rid of them through DIY methods, then it’s likely that they will return sooner than later. Most DIY attempts fail to reach all areas – let alone uncover all the breeding grounds of these pests. The best approach, therefore, is to work with a professional who has experience in inspecting pest activity and attacking the pest right from the center point as opposed to from outside.