Common Practices (and myths) For Repelling And Preventing Pests In Your Home

Be it your home, garden, or any other nearby space; you can easily find these small creatures hovering around your place. Most of these not only disturbs the hygiene of your home but also become a significant cause for diseases like malaria and other skin infections. And no doubt, they do harm your property as well.

Hence, by any measure, pests are best if kept at bay in order to protect your house and health. If you are struggling with getting rid of those filthy creatures, here are some tips to help you with pest infestation.

Prevention is better than cure

Preventing pests in the first place itself can save you from dealing with ways to eradicate them from your house. The main motive of the pests attacking your home is the food and shelter that they get to find inside your dwelling.

For this, make sure to examine and seal all the possible cracks and openings that are a common hiding spot of the pests. More so, cover all the trash bins and store all the leftover eatables properly in closed containers.

Also, besides this, keep a check on the outdoors. Trim off all the thick bushes or weeds to not allow any insects to protect themselves in. Along with the tree branches that reach your roof or ceiling as these can be where the pests make their way through. These minor checks and care can save you from a lot rather than just pest infestation.

Make most of the plant herbs

When it comes to ways of repelling those awful insects, nature has got you covered. Many of the natural herbs can help you in dealing with pests and preventing their infestation. Plants like catnip, whose undiluted oil can be extracted and applied on the skin, are widely used to tackle mosquitoes. While the basil is an excellent source to keep the flies away, especially from your kitchen as they loathe the pungent smell of its leaves.

Besides these, herbs like peppermint, lemongrass, and mint also turn out to be effective insect repellents. You can plant them in your garden or put them in a pot and make the most of their herbal properties.

Try out effective home remedies

No doubt, your home has got the solution to almost all your problems. Products like diatomaceous earth can help you eliminate the majority of the insects in your house. In addition to this, you can also bring products like vinegar and baking soda to get rid of the infestation at times. You can try out these specific yet useful home remedies anytime to get rid of pests.

Besides this, despite adapting all your prevention and control methods, there might still be possibilities of severe pest infestation. If that becomes the situation, you must reach out to your local pest treatment service. The best pest control in Boise should be contacted when you’re too troubled about the ineffectiveness of the home remedies.