5 Things You Should Have In Your Tornado Shelter

5 Things You Should Have In Your Tornado Shelter

If you are one of the persons who does last minute preparations , then you surely need to change this habit. As, tornado will not bear you with the situation. You need to have advance preparation that can be proved ‘the saviour’ during such span of time. So, preparing in advance is extremely important in order to get the safety assurity.

Although, many people prefer to have last-minute preparations that most of the time falis and leave them in a vulnerable situation. Make sure, you are not making such bluder mistakes and having an advance preparation. Also, you need to know what are the must-have essentials you need to take into your tornado shelter.

Here is the list for some essentials that you can take with you in your tornado shelter.


First and foremost, you need to have edible things so that you can be energized all the time. It is also important that food items should be non-perishable such as vacuum-packed meat, sacks, baby food and formula. If you want to put more edibles, you can to survive longer time or the fixed time you need to stay in shelter. Also, do not forget to take litres of water that is most important to ensure the survival.

Lumberjack clothes

Once, you will come out from the shelter, you will find some dirt and debris around your house. So, it is important to prepare yourself to face such scenario and lumberjack clothes are the perfect attire to come out with. You can have rugged jeans, boots, thick socks and coats.

First Aid box and medication

One of the main objects, you surely need to have first Aid Box and some medication essentials to accommodate the critical situation. You or any of your family members can hurt yourself sue to hustle-bustle around. Also, make sure these items are up-to-date.

Phone chargers and batteries

Staying connected is another thing that can work as a saviour and phone plays a great role for that. To make sure your cell phone or any other gadget is up and running and that can be ensured by having power banks and chargers.

Important documents

Also, do not forget to take your important documents such as identification, bank papers, insurance papers, vehicle papers and many others. These are important and useful coming after a tornado shelter.

Essential gadgets

Extremely important! Gadgets such as torch, lanterns and radio can be accommodated with as there is no guarantee of electricity nearby the diseased are.

Next time, you need to planning tordado shelter, make sure you are having above-mentioned things.