5 Tips For Newbies Who Want To Go On A Backpacking Trip Around Southeast Asia

5 Tips For Newbies Who Want To Go On A Backpacking Trip Around Southeast Asia

With its wonderful display of natural tourist attractions such as beaches, rainforests, clear-blue sea waters, and volcanoes, it is sure that Southeast Asia belongs to your travel bucket list. Not only for its top natural attractions, but Southeast Asia is also home to various colorful cultures and interesting people.

Due to the many interesting things Southeast Asia has to offer, backpackers from different nations flock to this beautiful region. Now, if you are eager to satisfy your wanderlust, here are some tips that you need to note when backpacking around Southeast Asia.

Get Yourself a Forecast of the Weather

Most places in Southeast Asia have a tropical climate, and it is important that you brace yourself for its hot climate when are planning a backpacking trip in this region. Aside from the hot climate, you also need to prepare for the seasonal monsoons.

You also need to know and prepare because many countries in Southeast Asia have what you call “microclimates.” So before your backpacking journey, you need to consider first the weather of your destination. For this purpose, you can visit the website of the place of your destination, or you can check out various information on the internet for it.

Plan Your Travel Budget Properly

The money that you should bring for your travel expenses will depend on the place you are visiting and what particular activities you will do there. Typically, a backpacking trip does not cost you much money, but if you want to experience your destination luxuriously, that’s all up to you.

Also, there are places in Southeast Asia that will surely fit even your shoestring budget. For instance, your $20 will be sufficient for you to get yourself a decent lodging accommodation.  Your tight budget will also be enough to experience for yourself the delicious foods popular in the region, and avail yourself of the local transportation.

Travel Lightly

Keep in mind that you are going on a journey with your bag on your back, and it will do you good to follow the timeless backpacking advice to pack lightly. Do not bring too many jeans on your travel because jeans are heavy, and they will slow you down along the way.

Just put the things that you need most in your travel such as your tees, underwear, beach shorts, sunglasses, and hygiene essentials.

Consider Camping Out

If your budget is not enough to satisfy yourself in hotel accommodation, you can always consider camping out. There are a lot of places in Southeast Asia that are ideal for this purpose. When camping out, you will not only save money from your tight budget, but you will also experience beautiful views of the places during the night.

Always remind yourself that you must keep your safety on top of priorities when you are planning to camp out.

Experience the Various Culture and People

If there is a thing Southeast Asia is most known for, it is surely the various culture and interesting people in the region. Southeast Asia is home to a lot of tribal and indigenous communities that boast of their arts and rich cultural heritage. For sure, it would be a great regret if you miss this beautiful part of your travel.

You can include in your travel bucket list countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, or Vietnam to acquaint yourself with wonderful culture and meet interesting people.


Having your backpack journey around Southeast Asia is sure to be an experience that you will not forget. This region is rich in cultural heritage, wonderful people, and beautiful tourist attractions that will make your travel fun and enriching.

However, before you go on your backpack travel, you should make sure that you plan it. Also, it is advisable that you bring an excellent backpack for your travel. You can look at sites like Deal Wiki for that purpose.