Get Complete Information About The New Express Entry Canada System

Get Complete Information About The New Express Entry Canada System

With the recent increase in the number of candidates who apply under the various visa catogories for foreign countires, the government have started to introduce new policies and regulations in order to make the selection process more convenient and less time consuming. Now only those applicants are selected who have specific set of skills and knowledge that can prove to be quite beneficial for the foreing nation’s economy.

The country of Canada is no different in this aspect as the government has recently introduced a new system for allowing entry to only the skilled workforce and employees, who are scattered around the globe. This new system is known as the Express entry Canada sysytem under which the candidates are selected based on certain specific criteria.

Working of Express Entry System :-

All the potential candidates fill up the application form for getting entry into the country of Canada and out of these applications, only those candidates are selected who have received the highest marks or scores. These marks are given on the basis of several factors related to human capital like age, work experience, educational qualification, etc.

One of the most beneficial features offered by the Express entry system is the applicants become eligible to apply for permanent residency card of Canada after a certain period of time. The candidate should fulfil all the following requirements in order to become eligible for getting entry through this system.

  • Should fulfil the eligibility criteria for FSWC, CEC and FSTC.
  • EOI document should be submitted by the applicant which will be assesed by the immigration officials.
  • If the candidate has not received any job offer they can get themselves registered under the Canada job bank.

What are the steps to be followed under the Express Entry System?

All the applicant who wish to apply for Canada express entry visa needs to follow some important steps that are made mandatory by the government. Following is the list of all the steps or procedures that have to be complied with properly :-

  • Creation of a profile :- The applicant are required to create a profile under the Express entry system where they need to mention certain details about the skills they posses, their education qualification, proficiency of English Language, prior work experience, etc. You can create your profile for free of cost and the whole process is completely secured.
  • Mention relevant details : The score or marks which will be given to your profile depends entirly on the information provided by you. Try to improve to your profile but remember not to mention any fake details because all the documents are thoroughly verified by the officials.
  • Selection of Candidate : Once the officials receive all the application forms in the pool they start with the selection process. Candidates are assesed based on their profile as under the Express entry system and marks are allocated. The applicant who gets the highest number of marks or scores is selected for the visa program.

This way you can acquire the visa for Canada quite easily and can also apply for getting a permanent visa card after completion of specified time period.

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