6 Reasons To Grow Mint At Home

6 Reasons To Grow Mint At Home

Green, refreshing and aromatic are the three words that come to mind when we think of the mint. But this “super grass” is not limited to these three words, once you finish reading this article, you will realize the many benefits that mint.

Mint is one of the most known and used herbs. It is small with opposite deep green that has many beneficial properties of plant leaves.

No Complexities

It is best to be a very easy plant to grow as it has too many requirements. But it prefers moist soil and partial shade places, it adapts very well to any climate and can develop very well both as live potted soil.

It Grows Fast

To begin cultivation I recommend you get a gun and not to plant floor. So you’re going to be able to use much faster as it grows and spreads rapidly and smoothly.

A Touch on your Meal

In gastronomy mint it is being used increasingly both to prepare drinks and savory and sweet dishes. An advice? Use it fresh from the plant. Just cut it to feel its aroma and the intense green of its leaves complete perfectly the decor of any home.

Good for the Health

They say the mint tea stimulates the senses and improves mood. It helps us when we are cold, relieving airway and even take your breath away. It was also given antispasmodic, digestive and relaxing properties. To get it, you just must put a sprig in a cup, pull over boiling water, and sweetened with a little sugar. If you are using dried leaves, the amount should be lower, because its flavor is even more concentrated.

Best for your Garden

It also serves to combat ants, another great benefit of having mint in your garden. Natural and ecological for such a common problem in crops remedy. If you also have ants in your house somewhere, you need to put some fresh or dried leaves on the affected sites: its smell so strong and intense dislike them and walks away.

For Flavoring

Another much appreciated, is simply used as a flavoring. Since before any friction, long its scent, perfuming the air, if you have both in the garden and inside if you have potted. Not to mention, the multiple preparations can be made with the leaves, alone or in combination of other herbs or spices.

You see that the benefits abound. What do you expect to include in our garden mint?