6 Things To Check Out Before Buying A Baby Pram

6 Things To Check Out Before Buying A Baby Pram

A baby pram is always on a priority list as soon as you get to know about the new arrival. But once you start looking for different brands or products, the confusion arises about what to get and what to not. Whether you buy Joolz pram from Baby-direct.com.au or any Uppababy Vista from the same, you need to analyze a few thing before finalizing a product.

Asking following basic questions can be greatly helpful to make a right choice for your baby’s comfort:

  1. Where would you use it? : One of the most crucial factor to consider is its usage. You must know where you want to use it. Prams in mid-range prices are a bit bulky and big and might not fit well in narrow streets. Whereas the small ones are good to go but then it does not enable you to put your purse, diaper bag or a few grocery items in the basket. So make sure where you want to take it and how you want to use it. Once you decide that, you have won half of the stroller-buying-battle.
  1. Is the pram newborn friendly? : Check out the model details and its flexibility. Some strollers come with bassinet mode or with a reclined seat. It means you do not need any add-ons and you can use it for your newborn since day one. Some models go well for babies who have learned to maintain head and can sit without any support. It is acceptable for infants that have reached to an age of four to six months. If you buy such stroller for your newborn, you would need to affix a car seat or a bassinet in order to provide support for your little one. So no what you are about to get and make a smart choice accordingly.

  1. How long would you use it? : It is important to spend according to your plans for using a pram. You might like a model and dream your baby sitting into it, but adaptability from newborn to toddler stages can vary and you can save or spend as per your requirement. If you are planning another baby in next 5 years, you can prefer a pram with extra add-on facilities. A pram that allows you to attach a car seat, a stand-and-ride bumper or an additional seat for your baby would be greatly convenient for you.
  1. Is it easy to use? : Manually, everything might seem perfect from product details to the features. And it might feel smooth to slide on the flat floor of a store or shopping mall. But, it might not reveal how it would go on an uneven or hilly terrain. Can you steer it easily? Is manoeuvrability is smooth with one hand? Is it goes well with a sudden tight turn? When you test it, put some things and handle it with some weight to make sure you are comfortable with the pram.
  1. Is it simple to fold and unfold? : Folding and unfolding of pram should be easy as there are chances you might be holding a baby and other stuff while doing so. It is essential you practice a few times while you see demo because most one-hand folds are not as easy as they sound to do.
  1. Is weight of the pram easy to handle? : Well, if you find it difficult to move or handle an empty pram, just imagine its weight after putting your baby and other stuff in the basket. So lighter is better regardless of the terrain you go through as it would make the journey comfortable for both, you and your baby.

Along with all the above-mentioned points, make sure just one stroller or more than that. If you are planning another baby in near future, you should get a pram where you can attach an extra seat to the original one. You can refer to Baby-direct.com.au to buy quality pram at the most affordable prices. As it is a one-time investment, ensure you are doing it in the best possible way.