Buying A Right Baby Crib Mattress Becomes Easy Now!

At times you need to leave your baby unattended. One of these few occasions where your child will not be attended is at night, when he is sleeping. Hence, it is quite vital that you select a safe crib mattress.

Choosing baby’s first mattress can be little daunting task. There are number of different cribs mattresses in different sizes and firmness, and for you every mattress would look like perfect. With many advertisements and gimmicks it really sounds hard to determine which to go for. I am sure once you understand the difference and get aware about the most important features, you can easily know how to choose a right baby crib mattress for your little one.

  1. Mattress Size : So how would you know about the perfect mattress size? Wondering? You can judge it by measuring the baby cot’s size. Generally the standard crib size comes in minimum size of 27-1/4 inches (69.2 cm) wide by 51-5/8 inches (131.4 cm) long. If your crib is larger, larger mattresses are even available for larger cribs. Go for mattress that perfectly fits the baby crib.

  2. Flexibility: Is the mattress firm enough? Will your baby feel flexible? Prior buying the mattress check the firmness. The new crib mattress should be firm to avoid the risk of your baby suffocating because of sinking into softer surface. If you are not sure about the firmness, you can easily check if it’s firm or not by this test.

  3. Foam Mattress Or Coil Spring Mattress? You would have surely heard “It’s what’s on the inside that counts”. The comfort served by the mattress is solely dependent on the material used inside the mattress. So decide you want to go for foam or an innerspring mattress.

    Moreover, the foam mattress is less expensive, but before buying you must verify if the mattress is firm and dense and doesn’t allow the baby to sink into the mattress. Innerspring mattress usually costs more but at the same time offers great durability. In case if you choose innerspring, go for a mattress that has coils between 135 and 150 having gauge lower than 15.5. Another option is purchasing a dual-sided mattress – one side designed for babies and other for toddlers.

  1. Ticking Mattress : Always go for a mattress that has thick cover, known as ticking. The ideal and best mattress has multiple layers of laminate coating which is strengthened by nylon. Such mattresses have benefit of increased durability that means no chance of tears or holes.

  2. Certified Mattress : Check if the mattress is certified or not?! This means it has met the standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and is safe for use.

  3. Check For Vent Holes : Before buying make sure that the mattress has vent holes. A quality mattress should have small reinforced holes on both sides that allow air to circulate in and out of the mattress interior. The vents will allow keeping the mattress fresh by allowing odors to pass away.

  4. Organic Mattress: You can go with organic mattress if you don’t want any human-made chemicals, flame retardants that come in standard mattresses. These mattresses are quite expensive and not every product is organic, make sure it is certified by Oeko-Tex which tells its standard 100.