7 Fantastic Attractions To Visit In The City Of Pune

Pune, famous as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, is home to some of the most interesting tourist places. The second largest city in the state has everything a tourist could ask for; from places of historical interest to a vibrant cultural showdown and from man made wonders to an eclectic nightlife. Let’s take a look at some of the fantastic wonders to explore in the city of Pune.

Here the five places you shouldn’t miss out in the city of Pune.

Aga Khan Palace: One of the most famous historical spots to visit in Pune, the Aga Khan Palace was constructed by Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III during the later part of the 1800s. The palace served to fulfill the positive intention of providing the people who had to deal with a successive long periods of famine in the region. If you’re coming from other cities, you can easily find a Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Bangalore to Pune flights to reach the destination.

Kasturba Samadhi: The Kasturba Samadhi is part of India’s modern history, known for being the home of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife Kasturba Gandhi, who spent her remaining days in the house. Today you can find several amazing things used during the era of Indian freedom struggle in the house.

Shivneri Fort: This famous historical spot is known as the birthplace of the great Maratha leader, Shivaji. The main purpose behind building the fort was to provide safety to the masses from foreign invaders like the Muslims, English and the Portuguese. Situated about 100 km from the city, the fort tells a lot about the Maratha military techniques and architecture.

Shaniwar Wada: Another significant monument in the city, the Lal Mahal was built during the 16th and 17th century. Known as the home to Maratha leader, Peshwa Baji Rao, Shaniwar Wada offers a view of the Maratha lifestyle and their mode of warfare. A fantastic getaway for the history buffs, there’s a lot to learn about their way of administration.

Osho Commune International: a famous cultural centre in the city, the Osho Commune International is a famous spiritual community situated in the Koregaon Park area. Founded by its leader Osho Rajneesh in 1970, the commune is responsible for a large influx of foreign tourists in the city. However, the community has been criticized a lot for imparting knowledge about unconventional ways of leading the life. Despite all the ruckus, the Osho Commune International is still known as world famous centre for attaining inner peace and meditation and an integral part of Pune tourism.

Karla and Bhaja Caves: Situated at the outskirts of the city, the Karla and Bhaja Caves are a series of manmade caves in the hills of the Western Ghats. Experts have their own theories as to what led to the creation of these caves. Some say the caves were the ancient temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, while others say that they worked as resting place for the Buddhist monk who traveled thousands of kilometers spreading the word of Buddha. Whatever may be the reason behind its construction, you cannot deny the fact that these caves made 2000 years ago has some stunning man made carvings.

Kelkar Museum: If you love exploring different cultures and art forms, the Kelkar Museum is a wonderful collection of ancient paintings, wooden handicrafts, sculptures, textiles, jewellery and musical instruments manufactured by the locals.