Where To Get The Authentic Taste Of Gujarati Cuisine In Ahmedabad?

Gujarati Cuisine

Being one of the most important cities of Gujarat, Ahmedabad has a host of havens where the Gujjus literally reside through every brick and stone. Yes, there are a zillion spots that you can visit in Ahmedabad where you can get your share of the best Gujarati Thali, but of course, not every one of them can entice your taste buds. So while you have friends or relatives visiting you in Ahmedabad or it’s your first time in the city, and you wish to savor the real taste of Gujarati cuisine, then this section might help you a bit.

Taking a Rajkot to Ahmedabad taxi just to enjoy an outing, binging on the drool worthy Gujarati specialities in Ahmedabad isn’t a big deal for any ordinary Gujarati. The city is overflowing with restaurants and local eateries that will suffice the need of every foodie looking for an extravagant Gujarati cookout. Here are some of the most prevalent eateries of Ahmedabad that will do the needful for you too, greatly!

  1. Toran

Situated in a little back street off Ashram Road, Toran gives the most amazing Gujarati assortment on its thali. The effortlessness of the farsan, the healthy vegetables, the daal, the hot rotis and puris, the bhakris that effortlessly melt in your mouth or the other marvelous treats, the general experience is really a gastronome’s pleasure! The mindful servers add a great deal of pleasant experience to a genuinely gastronomic ordeal.

  1. Vishalla

This spot has the setting of a village and the food here is significantly more than simply yummy. Aloo, kathol, puri, thepla, bataka nu shak, dhokla, bhakhri, rose lassi, cholafali and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Another truth that adds to the drool factor of the place is the distinctive menu for lunch and supper. Also, food is only one of the numerous astonishing things that you get at Vishalla. Try not to miss this genuinely one of a kind affair!

  1. Gordhan Thaal

An incredible choice if you are scouring for the ideal Gujarati thali in Ahmedabad. Try the dhoklas, tenli bhaji, puris, bhakhri, bajra khichdi, dal, etc. Actually everything on the menu here is a piece of heaven in themselves. The Gordhan Thaal has such a charm all around Ahmedabad that you may experience difficulty finding a spot here, so get a reservation done in advance. Resplendently done insides and outsides in a haveli-like style make it a significant ordeal.

  1. Ame Gujarati

Situated in an immense open space, the individual table groups are set inside glass fenced in areas giving one the experience of outside eating while helpfully shielding one from the components. The ambient sounds are relieving and adjust well with the state of mind of the food served here. The most essential thali that they bring to the table itself has tons of goodness for the perceiving foodie. A mix of delectable food and a dreamy atmosphere makes this a great spot to appreciate a thali.

  1. Sasuji

Sasuji is another well known restaurant in Ahmedabad to enjoy a good helping of Gujarati food. Open for lunch and supper, Sasuji is the best spot to be at, especially for its customary platters that incorporate the most real kinds of Kutch area. Luxurious thalis are the USP of the spot, with one containing an assortment of pastries and farsan, shaak, khichdi or rice, lal aane chutney, bhakhri, bajri rotis with a dash of sugar. The basundi, that is a famous Gujarati dessert served at Sasuji, is an absolute necessity for everyone to try.