7 Healthy Habits That Will Change Your Life In 10 Seconds

If you are a person who think everything goes wrong, it is important that you realize what your lifestyle is, with the intention to make a change that gives turn to where you want really. One way to achieve this is through positive habits and a more optimistic attitude.

They say change a bad habit takes time. But all experts agree that it is easier if you replace a bad habit with a good habit. As these healthy habits that will change your life in just 10 seconds!

Try them and take advantage immediately of the results…

Dry yourself from Top to Bottom

Did you know that to avoid a cold the best thing to do is, after taking a shower, dry your head and neck first? Starts there and then goes top to down.

Buy Whole Grain Bread

Instead of buying white bread, choose whole grain wheat bread which is healthier, it has more fiber, and hardly feels the difference. Want an even better option? Try the rye bread.

Run with your Feet Close to the Ground

To prevent injury, when you do it without running feet close to the ground. If you can hear how loud your feet hit the street, you’re not doing correctly.

Eat Asparagus to Avoid a Hangover

If you went out with your friends to dinner and know that wine or drinks will flow tonight, calls an entry or accompanying asparagus, fighting the effects of a hangover.

Prefer Red Cabbage

The next time you go to the market and you’re choosing a cabbage salad or soup, choose red cabbage instead of white cabbage, since the former has 5 times more beta-carotene that benefits your skin.

Make a Commitment to Exercise

According to studies, 97% of people making a bet about exercise plans end up meeting them (and winning the bet). Since the method works so well, you can apply it to your goals to lose weight or eat healthier.

Drink Ice Water

If you want to improve your performance when you exercise, drink ice water during and after training. That will also help speed up your metabolism.

It is best to carry out these little healthy habits will only take 10 seconds! Some positive habits help you achieve a better quality of life, some will help you develop what is already working well, or correct what is not working well, but more importantly, and these habits allow you to have a defendant personal growth to where you choose.