7 ‘Must Haves’ If You Want A Quick House Sale

Trying to sell a property can be costly, stressful and time-consuming. If you’re looking to move it’s likely that you’ll want to find a buyer for your property as soon as possible, so what are the ‘must haves’ if you want a quick house sale?

  1. Central Heating: There’s no doubt that there are some people who are prepared to take on a major renovation project, or who don’t mind the extra hassle of alternative energy sources, but for a quick house sale you need to appeal to the widest possible audience, and that means central heating is a must.
  2. Double glazing: Potential buyers are keen to ensure that their next property is a wise purchase, and with energy bills continuing to rise that means a well-insulated, energy efficient home with good quality, well maintained, secure doors and window. Single glazing or poor quality windows can have a large and unpleasant impact on your energy bills that buyers will want to avoid.
  3. Outdoor space: Your property may not come with acres of land, but even the smallest area of outdoor space can be maximised to attract buyers. Whether you’ve got a large orchard or a small balcony, make sure any additional outdoor space is as attractive as possible. If space is limited try a couple of attractive pot plants and perhaps a herb garden, or if you’re lucky enough to have a substantial amount of outdoor space try ‘zoning’ the area to include an eating space, an entertaining space, and if it’s a family property a child-friendly play zone.
  4. An inviting entrance: It’s estimated that it takes a potential buyer approximately 5 seconds to decide whether or not to buy you property, so it’s important that their first impression is a good one! Ensure the property entrance is clean and tidy, and try adding a new door mat and some plant life for that extra welcoming touch.
  5. Off-road parking: Recent research by property investment company Quick Move Now suggests that properties with on-street parking residential parking permits take twice as long to sell than properties with off-street parking, so if you’re looking for a quick house sale a driveway or garage is a must!
  6. A bath: If you did a survey you’d probably find that most people choose to have a shower rather than a bath, but that hasn’t eliminated our love of the bath tub! Potential buyers may not have had a bath in years, but your property not having a bath is sure to rekindle their desire to have one. Whether they’re imagining a future with children or the odd occasion of wanting a relaxing hot bath after a long, hard day at work, not having a bath tub seriously limits your potential market, and therefore your opportunity for a quick house sale. It may even have an impact on the property’s value.
  7. No unfinished DIY: When you own a property it’s easy to stop seeing those niggly little DIY jobs that you haven’t quite got round to finishing, but anyone coming to view you property, with a view to potentially buying it, is sure to notice! Try to view your property with fresh eyes, starting at the front door and working your way through, one room at a time, making notes of any little jobs that need completing or tidying up before your property goes on the market. If your property fails to impress, potential buyers won’t give it a second chance, so make that first impression the right one.