Prescription in a Locker Box (Pilbox) Service in Singapore

There are a variety of reasons as to why people need prescriptions and having easier access to them is essential. Depending on your illness, it might be impossible for you to get out of bed and walk to the pharmacy to get the medicine that you need during store hours. This is one of the main reasons as to why the Pilbox service in Singapore is such a great idea. It enhances the convenience of picking up your prescription so you can get the medical help you need right away. 

The majority of Singaporean residents are middle-class working families that put long hours in at the office every day. Unfortunately, pharmacies have the tendency to operate on inconvenient hours for the everyday working professional. With the help of Pilbox, you can pick your prescriptions up after hours, even if the clinic has been closed for hours. 

This may raise concerns in terms of regulated medicine, but the program is inclusive and covers all misconceptions. First, patients will have to talk to their clinic to schedule the date for their prescription. Second, the pharmacy will agree on the date and put the prescription in the Pilbox so it is available for pickup. When the patient arrives at the Pilbox kiosk, they will make their payment and a locker door will open, allowing them to collect their medicine. Another important factor to take into consideration is the fact that this program only works with medications that has been reviewed and approved by the pharmacy. 

One noticeable benefit is the fact that the clinic to first use the Pilbox, Marine Parade Polyclinic, started to notice that their chronic patients that need frequent refills of medication experience the most benefits. They won’t have to worry about standing in long lines to pick up their prescription during inconvenient hours. 

The Marine Parade Polyclinic has received a facelift over the past year and now has $4.2 million in renovations. With double the size, they are able to offer up to 28 different service rooms, far more than their regular amount of 18. There are also larger waiting areas, and more medical services such as x-rays that patients can use to their advantage. They also implemented a variety of accessibility features such as lifts, handrails, large signs, low counters, and ramps.

To make going to the clinic even more convenient, patients that are walk-ins have the ability to make an appointment ahead of when they are due to visit the doctor and come to the clinic at the agreed upon time. This helps to eliminate the amount of people that are stuck in the waiting rooms for a doctor to be available.

According to a regular patient at the clinic, Mr. Kandasamy, the Pilbox idea is perfect for people that are regular patients at the clinic. This is because all of their prescriptions are typically the same. He noticed a drastic decrease in the time it took to get his medication, as he would normally spend 45 minutes waiting.

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