7 Reasons Police Pull People Over For Driving Under The Influence

7 Reasons Police Pull People Over For Driving Under The Influence

Police have to have probable cause in order to legally pull you over for driving while drinking. While you can have an alcohol blood level up to .08%, it is easy to consume enough to exceed this level. Here are seven reasons why police pull people over for suspected DUI.

Obvious Reasons

  1. If a person is driving outside of the road lines consistently, this is probable cause for a police officer to pull them over, as it represents a lack of coordination. This is the most apparent effect when people are driving under the influence.
  2. Sudden increases in speed or sudden decreases in speed indicating sporadic driving.
  3. Passing traffic signs or running traffic lights is always a reason for police to pull people over.
  4. Almost hitting other vehicles, missing by an inch or so is apparent probable cause.

Hidden Reasons

  1. If there are prior DUI charges, this can be determined by the license plate on the car. It is reasonable for police to pull people over for prior charges.
  2. A person on probation can be subject to being pulled over by police. They can arrest if alcohol is found to any degree.
  3. Busted lights on the car can be probable cause as well. Police reason that this is both a violation but also a possible sign of a person who uses intoxicants.

It is easy to see what police determine as “probable cause” has loose boundaries. This can vary from state to state, but it is a blanket truth for the most part. Prior offenders face the higher likelihood of being pulled over for a potential DUI. Any traffic infarction can result in getting pulled over by police. At that point, if a person is intoxicated, arrest is inevitable.