7 Reasons You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer In Vancouver

7 Reasons You Need To Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer In Vancouver

As a resident of British Columbia, if you sustain injuries from a motor vehicle accident, you must preferably hire the best personal injury lawyer, in Vancouver. The lawyer will be able to secure just compensation for your injuries. ICBC and the insurance companies always try to reduce the amount of compensation as much as possible. The lawyer will also ensure that the claims are made before the stipulated dates.

The main reasons for you to hire an experienced personal injury lawyer are:

1.Knowledge and experience

The lawyer has good knowledge of the procedures to follow. Also with experience from previous cases, they will be able to handle the tactics of the insurance companies.

2.Fees charged only if you win

It is common for personal injury lawyer to work on contingency fee arrangements.  If you win the case then a percentage of the claim amount is paid as fees. This will be agreed at the time when the lawyer accepts your case. In case you do not win then you need not pay any fees to the lawyer.  

3.Saves time

The lawyer will be collecting your medical records on your behalf. The reviewing of these records, as well as police case records, will be done by them. Communicate with the insurance adjuster and arrive at a fair amount of compensation. All this will save you a lot of time.

4.Resolution through alternative ways

Sometimes a just compensation may not be offered by the insurance adjuster. In this event, alternate ways to secure fair compensation has to be taken. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Vancouver will be able to handle the alternate ways like mediation, arbitration very well and in professional manner.

5.Experience in coordinating with other lawyers

It is quite possible criminal charges, bankruptcy, divorce etc. may affect your injury case. The lawyer will be would have to work with other attorneys who are handling your cases to arrive at the best possible solution in your favor. Also handling the insurance company lawyers during negotiations or past negotiations will be done effectively as they would have been handling the personal injury cases for a long time. They will be able to anticipate the hurdles and required strategies to secure the settlement.

6.Higher settlement

Statistically, it has been established that people who hire experienced personal injury lawyers get the higher sum in their injury settlement. Even after deduction of lawyer’s fees they are still able to get more amount as settlement.

7.Trial experience

It is very difficult for you to get a fair amount of settlement fighting your case against experienced attorneys of the defense counsel. But the personal injury attorney will be able to establish and argue your case to secure the best possible settlement in your favor.

By hiring the services of an experienced and best personal injury lawyer in Vancouver, you will be sending a clear message to the insurance company that you are well prepared to go to the trial if a fair settlement is not reached. This can motivate them to offer an equitable settlement without delay.