5 Trendy Hairstyles For This Fall

5 Trendy Hairstyles For This Fall

Autumn is here and as the leaves shed their leaves to get new ones. Our hair cycle too completes a year and we start losing hair. Normally, if you are losing 15-25 hairs, it’s quite normal and you don’t need to worry but if it more than normal, then you need care and treatment to arrest hair fall.

In autumn, the temperature dips and the nymphs and women desire to go for a change in hairstyle so that they can maintain during fall season and approaching winters. Hairstyle change is good for hair health as damaged ends are chopped off and the smooth mane adds gloss to your hair.

Hairstyle has an important role in our looks and appearance and the new haircut and styling gives you a new look and raises the confidence bar. Everyone wants to follow the trending style to be with the fashion and trend. This year do step in hair salon, Houston to get a new chic look.

The Top 5 Trendy Hairstyles

Let us start with long hairs which requires lot of time to maintain its beauty and style. Many people hairs are long due to genes or due to heavy maintenance though in today’s world, women with long hairs are quite minimal. The reason been fast life and over occupied so they go for short length which is easy to brush and maintain.

1.Layer Cut for Long Hairs: If you wish to continue with your long hairs, cut it chopped into layers and blunt bags in front if it suits your face. The layers will add volume and give you chance to style your hair. You can tie or keep it open, it is your choice. Layer cut won’t entangle your hairs and it will be easy for you.

Medium length hair is much in vogue among women of today as they can style in as many ways as they like. Medium length can be cut into various haircuts and can be rolled upto the ears with hair styling, if you wish to attend the party in short hairs.

2.Layered Cut with Fringes: Get it chopped at the ends in layers so that your remains falls down from your shoulders and get it fringed in front. The hair salon, Houston will advise which style will be suitable for your face. It will look good for both straight and wavy hairs. You can tie a bun if you wear a cap or just keep it open. Both ways, you will look awesome with this hair style.

3.Lob Hairstyles: Lob hairstyles suits on all types of mid length hair and the maintenance is effortless. It is good for straight, wavy and curly hairs. These haircut can be styled into parted braids, half part bun or can be left open. The choice is open. It looks attractive and is a careless hairstyle.

Small hairs is good for those who have sparse hair, too curly, dry hair or those who want freedom from hair maintenance.

4.Bowl Cut: This cut is in the shape of a bowl, cut even from all sides and it looks good on young girls or slender woman with high neck. It is easy to maintain and color and you don’t need to bother about hairstyles.

5.Bob Cut: This cut looks good on all and it suits best on wavy or curly hairs. The small hairs are cut in layers and generally women go for side parting.


The retro fashion of 90’s are in vogue this year in 2017. Go and give your hair a new look and hairstyle and go with the trend of Fall, 2017 with the help of hair salon, Houston.