7 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your laptop

7 Simple Ways To Take Care Of Your laptop

For most of us, our laptop is probably the most important tool for work and personal life. But many laptop users do not take good care of their laptops, and that results in the damage or other complications. If you have similar problems, here we are sharing 7 simple ways to take care of your laptop to keep it in optimum condition.

Close the lid while moving

Not closing the lid while moving is probably the biggest mistake people make while using their laptop. When you move in your office or anywhere having your laptop in your hand, it is a wise idea to shut down the lid. This will allow you to hold your laptop firmly, the screen will have fewer chances of damages, and you won’t drop your laptop.

Do not drink and eat near your laptop

Drinking and eating over or near the laptop is a common mistake many people make. Because of this habit, you might spill the liquid on your laptop, or you can drop food on it. Dropping any liquid or food on your laptop can create different complications in your laptop. To avoid that issue, it is always recommended not to eat or drink anything next to your laptop.

Choose right carrying case for laptop

Many time people complain about damage to laptop screen and corners. They get this type of problems because they do not carry their laptop in a good quality bag.  For better care of your laptop, you should get the best quality laptop bag. This bag should have enough padding and adjustable straps so you can carry it securely without losing your comfort.

Clean your laptop regularly

With time your laptop gets lots of dust depositing on the screen and keyboard. If you do not clean it regularly, this accumulation of the dust can affect the performance of your laptop. With regular cleaning, you will not have to worry about this damage. You will feel good while using a clean laptop and that can help you have better performance.

If not moving, use it as a desktop

If you are moving, you can use the laptop without any restriction, but at your home or office, try to use it as a desktop. You can use a docking station if needed and that will help you use your laptop effectively. With this docking station, you can attach a keyboard, mouse, monitor or a cooling pad as well. These things will not only increase your performance, but it will increase your laptop’s lifetime as well.

Keep it cool to increase the life

Keeping your laptop cool is also an important factor to increase its performance and life.  If you find your laptop is getting heated with continuous uses, get a laptop cooling pad for it. In case, you are using it in a warm room, you might think about changing the place. This simple tip can help you get better performance from your laptop,

Sometimes shut down the laptop

This is one of the simplest things you can do to increase your laptop’s life. If you are not going to use your laptop for next few hours, it is a wise idea to shut it down. If that is not possible due to various open’ application, you can hibernate your laptop. This simple action will allow your laptop to cool down, and you can get better performance with it.


The most notable thing about these tips is that you can have better performance from your laptop with ease. With above-mentioned tips, you can easily get the best performance with your laptop.  In case you ever get any damage or complication in your laptop, you can always get in touch with a Laptop Repair Hamilton expert, and you can get it repaired with ease.