8 Ways You Can Make Kitchen Tasks A LOT Easier

Admit it; there are some kitchen tasks which you just dread. Whether it is handling raw meat or mincing garlic, there is something which everyone loathes. Here are some tips on how to make those dreaded kitchen tasks a lot easier!

Washing and Storing Green Salad

Washing salad is a pain, and you won’t be able to get all the dirt off the leaves, and you will end up with a soggy mess. Try to wash the lettuce after you have bought it and then store it, so it is ready when you need it. Fill up a bowl with water and remove the head of the salad. Leave to soak for ten or fifteen minutes while gently stirring the leaves. Use a salad spinner to dry it thoroughly and then store in your fridge in a plastic, breathable container with a paper towel on the top to soak up moisture.

Peel Garlic Easier

A straightforward and easy trick to peeling garlic is to use two bowls and two or three cloves of garlic. Just place the cloves of garlic in a bowl and then cover with another upside down bowl. Shake with as much strength as you have for about fifteen seconds. You should hear the cloves heating one another. Remove the top bowl or plate, and you will see their skins have fallen off!

Cutting Raw Meat

Not everyone loves to cut raw meat. The goo and the mess afterward is a pain to clean up, and the stickiness can cover your surfaces, your sponges, and it can get everywhere. To avoid such mess get a chopping board which is large and has curved edges, so the juices stay on the board. Once done you can just rinse away the mess down the sink. Maybe the best is to have a meat slicer.

Cutting Melons

Cutting fruits, especially a melon is another messy challenge which you will come across. First, you need to cut the top and bottom end of the melon off so you can balance the melon with ease. Cut straight down the middle, so you get two halves. After this, you can then scoop out the seeds from the middle and cut into wedges. Either serve with the rind or remove. Cutting this way is a lot easier than most methods!

Separate Egg Whites Easier

Separating whites from yolks when the situation asks for it is a pain. You can make separation easier by using a simple hack, a water bottle. Crack your egg into a bowl and then use the water bottle to squeeze the yolk from the white. The suction will do the separation, and then you just pop it from the bottle into another bowl. Easy and straightforward!

Get Rid Of Cooking Smells

Whatever type of cooking you do there is nothing worse than having the smell linger around your house. To eliminate the smell entirely try placing a jar of white vinegar overnight in your kitchen. Baking soda and coffee grounds also work but aren’t as efficient as vinegar. Get rid of that bacon smell now!

How To Measure Sticky Stuff

When a recipe calls for measuring out honey or another sticky substance, there is nothing worse. It is messy, sticky and you can never get the right amount. Try coating your measuring cups with a cooking spray or butter spray. Honey and other sticky stuff will then slide right out!

Cut Dough and Pastry With Ease

Getting the perfect cut on dough and pastry is annoying and is a frustrating kitchen task. Try using dental floss to get a perfect cut. Always use unflavored dental floss, wrap it around your finger and slowly move it through whatever you need to cut. It works every single time!!

Cutting the Vegetables

It can sometimes be time consuming. So, best if you can have one of the best vegetable croppers available in the market.

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