9 Secrets For Corporate Video SEO Success

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If you are in charge to spearhead a corporate video for your organization, then there should be focus on two things. First is the ‘corporate brand’ that you wish to speak about and the second is your ‘target audience’. To get favorable results, it is essential to create a compelling and engaging video with a focused theme. It can catapult your organization in the limelight. We present nine secrets for the success of your next big corporate video.

Shining Examples

Imagine the credibility you can get if you could have a video testimonial as part of your marketing tool? The power of video is undeniable and a few shining examples of corporate content with video blogs show. It can be used to showcase responses in trade shows and prestigious events. There is nothing like ‘seeing is believing content’ today. The footage helps the product and services to look more reliable. A fresh clip is useful to launch new products. With the use of archival material and new footage, a corporate blog is a sure hit.

The nine secrets for a corporate video SEO success are:

  1. Research before development of video
  2. Effective design and feedback with relevant topics (watch Starbucks blog)
  3. Daily update is essential
  4. Visually friendly and feedback implemented
  5. Make it personal (watch Marriot on the Move)
  6. Video can have links and collection of stories (watch Google)
  7. Infotainment is the key to make blog and video go viral
  8. Organize the blogs so that one can switch from one to another
  9. Navigation and streaming should be easy

As you can see, the benefit of creating a corporate video is prodigious; the execution has to be smartly strategized. It is not wise to jump straight into shooting the video, before being clear about the entire picture. Discuss with the team why the video needs to be made. Who are the potential viewers? This will enable you to create interesting ideas. You need to build the brand but not sell it in the blog. You are not advertising your product, but building a brand image of your corporate. The mission is to make people connect and identify with the brand. Conversions will come thereafter automatically.

YouTube Video SEO

Getting a video SEO ranked high is critical in remaining connected with the audience. YouTube is the number one channel for video blogs to be rated. Of course, there can be links to Facebook pages, Twitter, and other social forums too. But the AV on YouTube channel will garner the main comments and testimonials.

There are nearly 500-hours-worth material that is loaded on this channel daily. It will take an ‘out of the box’ video that will make you stand out. Think about it. When the search engine brings up your content for viewing which page is it positioned at? This will determine your popularity. Hence, understanding the video SEO process will benefit. It will enable you to come up with a better engaging content. When you have series of data, metadata, and videos you can have your own channel list displayed.

Niche Video SEO

This can be done by giving good sub-titles, captions, and narrative to the audio visual content. When you upload the video on YouTube it is also indexed in Google’s search engine. Google needs to understand it for it to go viral. Are you ready with your execution plan for the next corporate video blog?