5 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Fashion Mistakes

If you’ve ever wondered why an outfit doesn’t come together well, it may be due to fashion mistakes you don’t even know you’re making. There are a list of reasons why certain clothes don’t go well together, and sometimes you need a guide to figure out what went wrong. Check out these common fashion mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

The Wrong Colors

Matching color and skin tone is paramount to looking good, but wearing unflattering colors is a common fashion mistake. Many colors belong to certain seasons, and when you attempt to follow seasonal fashions, you might add an odd tint to your skin and end up looking blotchy and washed out.

The first step to rectifying this fashion catastrophe is figuring out your skin tone. Look at the veins in your wrist with natural light to find out if you have cool, neutral, or warm skin. If your veins appear blue or purple, your skin tone is cool. If they’re green veins, you have a warm skin tone. If you’re staring hard at your veins and still can’t figure out their color, you have a neutral skin tone.

Once you’ve discovered your skin’s hue, try to match it with your clothing. Cool tones look best in navy blue and worst in yellow and gold hues. Warm skinned people should consider coral and rose gold, but avoid cool blues. The neutral hue suffusing your skin needs to be complemented with a blushing pink color. If you’re not sure of what color to wear, white and emerald green complement every skin tone.

The Wrong Undergarments

Between the correct size, fabric, color, and shape of your bra and underwear, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most broken rules of fashion. For the perfect fit, it’s easy to get your chest measured professionally, as most stores will be happy to do this for free. Colors are also a simple problem to fix, as long as you ensure that your underclothes are the same hue as your outfit. However, when it comes to shape and fabric, things get a little more complicated.

The most obvious problem comes when underclothing elastics are too tight, creating unsightly marks in your skin. There’s also the issue of visibility, like when a triangle-shaped bra shows under a wide neck top or boyshort underwear pop out from beneath skinny jeans. In general, lace is the best choice for undergarments; due to its delicate and thin nature, it’s less likely to constrict, bunch up, or show under your clothes.

Right Outfit, Wrong Party

Wearing an amazing ensemble to an innappropriate occasion is a common occurrence, and no matter how cute you may look, your outfit has no place at certain gatherings. The most obvious case of this misunderstanding is wearing bright and happy colors to a funeral. Generally, dark, somber colors are the only acceptable choice here, so showing up in a sizzling red dress will make you look foolish and out of place.

Other instances of fashion faux pas include dressing up for sporting events, baring too much skin at the office, or wearing sweatpants on a first date. Carefully consider where you’re going before getting dressed. Whenever you’re unsure, it’s best to err on the side of overdress, but still keep your clothes appropriate for daytime.

Matching Too Much

Even cultural idols and divas make the mistake of matching too heavily. This can be an especially garish fashion blunder when you match your entire outfit with an animal print. Though you might think that matching a cheetah print dress with sky high cheetah print pumps is a good idea, it only distinguishes you as an obliviously unstylish diva. While wearing an all-black or all-white outfit is acceptable, wearing too much of any other color makes you look like you’re wearing a tracksuit.

Mixing Fabrics

An often overlooked fashion blunder is mixing fabrics incorrectly. Mixing and matching prints is wonderful as long as it’s done with fabrics that work together. For example, a layered lace skirt will not go well with a graphic cotton tee. A good rule for mixing fabrics is separating fabrics into two categories: casual and formal. Casual fabrics include denim, cotton, and linen, while formal fabrics include silk, satin, and velvet. Try to keep your mixes within one category to create cohesive outfits.

Stay Fashionable

Each of these fashion rules is a general guideline to help you look your best at all times.
But always remember that these are merely tips—sometimes rules can be broken in favor of a fantastically creative ensemble. Ensure that your wardrobe has everything you need to create amazing outfits with plenty of layering basics and athleisure wear from fashion retailers like District Clothing. Understanding these common fashion mistakes will help you to revitalize your sense of fashion and look stunning regardless of your outfit or occasion.