A Welcome Sprout – OKO


How often do you come across a restaurant special enough to touch the foodie in you? I believe in trying new places to get a taste of distinct flavours and recipes. However, the recently inaugurated OKO at The LaLiT New Delhi convinced me to book a table for dinner in Delhi again and again.

It is, and I speak solemnly, the surprise you wait for when you first taste something in a new place; it IS what you have been waiting for. It occupies a whole floor which warrants a change of nouns from ‘restaurant’ to ‘experience’. The panoramic view of Delhi from the 28th floor make for something truly special.

OKO has previously attracted rave reviews by foodies for its Diced Crispy Chicken, Volcano Cooked Duck, Phad Kaprao, Red Snapper Sashimi, Rainbow Roll, and Transparent Dumplings.

A Flow of Traditions  

The Baluchi is known for creating a habit out of indulging in Mughlai delights among its visitors. Its Naanery that allows to you look while your bread is being prepared is famous, I’m sure you’ll agree. The restaurant offers a unique experience of wines with the naans. Similarly, OKO offers Asian counterparts in Japanese, Chinese Thai, Vietnamese, and Korean cuisines.

A Beacon of Uniqueness

Don’t pass your chance to try something from the Flights of Japan such as the Sushiri – a careful pairing of 3-5 humble portions of sake with wine. The elaborate menu is worth appreciation since it took almost 6 months to be created.

3 distinct sections separate the fine-dining restaurant in Delhi with a side of uncovered private areas perfect for parties. The prices may be classified above average but certainly something that justifies impeccable fine dining with the newest menu in town. Don’t forget to try the Chateau wines!

The Décor

Statues from the previous restaurants have been reused to decorate the space. They lend good contrast to the luxurious interiors and artefacts. The lighting simply illuminates the space with assistance from the granite table tops. The place speaks of opulence like none other. Even the bathrooms are constructed to offer various landmarks in the centre of the capital city.

If you have a welcoming place in mind, The LaLiT New Delhi it is, and for pan-Asian treats that stay with you for a long time, OKO awaits to serve you with its splendour!