Add Charm To Your Space With Indian Contemporary Art

Add Charm To Your Space With Indian Contemporary Art

If you have ever tried experimenting with the interiors of your place, you will absolutely agree with the fact that art plays a significant role in lifting up the aesthetic appeal of a place. But we just can’t put artworks on walls on random basis. When it comes to showcasing art, there are various factors that are crucial and transformative like the form of artwork, the way art is displayed, and the space it is in. One can seek art advisory from interior designers, decorators, gallerists or online galleries, on how to hang, display and decorate with art. Here we have pulled some inspiring ideas from our archive that can help you to deal with the daunting task of decorating up your place with art.

Finding a piece of art that treat your eyes and displaying art decorously is an art in itself!

Select Artworks According to the Place:

Living Room:  Living room is an integral part of any home so the paintings should be vibrant and catchy. The artwork placed in this place should appeal to all members of a family, so one can go for modern artwork in vibrant hues. The piece while complimenting the decor will make a bold statement and can be a conversation starter.

Bed room: Artworks also reflect the personality of a person and also balances the air of a place. They can turn a place into the stylish residence you’ve always dreamed of. Art works that bring harmony, love and peace are well suited for bedrooms. So, if you want to spice up your bedroom life, you can buy some of these paintings.

Kitchenette: People often forget to decorate this space, but it is as important as other places of a house. Abstract artworks or art inspired by nature can be a great option to zest up this place.

How & Where to Display Artworks?

Center of Attraction: Place your art where it will end up being a focal point for the onlookers and guest walking through.

Juxtapose with Art:  If you are tired seeing walls painted in the hues of beige and ivory, then try adding a bold, playful and unforgettable abstraction in contemporary Indian artwork. Indian Contemporary artworks have always been a great option when it comes to bringing home an energetic, vibrant painting.  When a modest wall is juxtaposed with beautiful Indian contemporary art or abstract art, it creates movement and energy.

Austere Decoration: India is a place where each color is preferred depending upon its significance. In India, home décor is preferred with Indian traditional decor, and furnishings, which involve bright hues of ochre and red that sometimes can be overwhelming. To lend neutrality to the room, put up contemporary Indian artworks in shades of cream, beige or brown. These colors are sole provider of the much needed sense of warmth and depth.

Ring the changes: Painting and furnishings of a room should relate to each other and should appear together as a unit. Mix and match of colors is a great way to add personality to your home setup and create inspiration.

Let your walls do the talking with contemporary Indian Art that stir up interests and awakens the senses of onlookers.