Looking For Perfect Night Surveillance Cameras? Go Through the Article First

Keeping your home 24/7 from thieves, robbers or intruders, then your home security cameras are the most common and perfect choice for everyone. However, if you get inferior quality cameras, then you may get the quality image and video recorded during the day, but you might get the good quality picture at night. So, I have gone through a number of articles to find the things, features and quality that we need to look before buying night vision cameras. Here’s how.

Camera Range

Before you make the decision to buy a camera, the first thing you need think about the range it covers. So, to go perfectly manner, you need to see what range you want to keep under the surveillance. If you want to cover maximum range then you need to go with the IR cameras as it can cover from 5 meters to 50 meters range.

Quality IR Lens

Choosing the perfect IR lens is an important one because it has some pros and cons. For example, you need to choose the powerful IR cameras, but over-powered IR camera cannot capture the quality image. After all quality image is the primary purpose for night vision camera.

Angle Of View Matter

Most of the night vision security cameras are installed to surveillance center view. That means they cannot tilt or pan. However, there are some brands that offer quality night surveillance cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom in or out without perverting the quality image or video.

Clear Field OF View

Yes, you need to make sure that you have installed the camera with a clear field of view. Because, if the camera is set on auto mode it will adjust the exposure automatically. If there is any object like leaves, trees branches or anything before the camera leas, it will adjust the exposure according to the object.

Right Place to Install Night Vision Camera

If you look for powerful surveillance, then you need to consider where you place the camera. There are some parameters that you need to follow. For example, if you want to keep an eye on the subject that is 4m away, then the cameras has to be mounted 3m right from the ground. For more details, you can find guide in the user manual.

Are You Ignoring Connectivity Type

Selecting the right connectivity type will ensure you get perfect service by your night vision cameras systems. So, think what connectivity types you need. For example, whether you are looking for wired, wireless or IP. Let’s understand what they mean and how they function;

  • Wired Camera:If you want to cover a larger area, then wired camera will be helpful as you can connect as many cameras as you need to cover them. At the same time, the wired cameras give a clear and crisp image, however they very vulnerable to intruders as they can cut the wire before they break in.
  • Wireless Camera:Wireless cameras have multiple benefits except a few. For example, they are budget-friendly and can easily be set up anywhere. They are a digital connection that means they need no wires to connect. However, they need a digital receiver and all night vision camera has to be within its network. You will get clear audio and video, though it needs strong connection. At the same time, it can easily be hidden from intruders.
  • IP Cameras:They are called network protocol cameras which are connected through computer router. You can connect as many cameras as you want. At the same time, IP cameras allow you to operate the cameras remotely, for example from your smartphone or computer. However, the two need an internet connection to operate.

In short, you may have come with some good idea of night vision cameras, however stick with brand that offers quality service.