All About Kalyana Rasam

As you enter a South Indian wedding two things are the most prominent features one cannot ignore, one is the ladies that are dressed in fabulous traditional attires and second being the mouth-watering traditional delicacies. And when it comes to a Tamil Brahmin wedding, it is said to be incomplete without the KalayanaRasam.

This aromatic rasam is a spicy clear soup, which is served with rice. Kalyana rasam recipe is a common dish among all Tamilians. And, to cook this aromatic dish in your kitchen like it is cooked in the traditional weddings is not an easy task, though not impossible.

Understanding Kalyana Rasam

In all South Indian weddings, food is served on a banana leaf. The whole experience of eating on a banana leaf in an Indian wedding is a holistic emotional experience, yet to eat rasamsadam (i.e., piping hot rice with hot Kalyanarasam) is a challenge. No one can have it without battling through its journey. But cooking this amazing Tamil curry is not a fight at all. This famous dish amongst all Tamilians has various other names as well, such as IyengarRasam or IyengerKalyanaRasam. In Tamil, rasam means “juice,” though it can refer to any juice, rasam commonly refers to the tamarind juice or tomato juice prepared with the addition of spices and garnish. While rasam refers to soup, in Tamil, Iyengar (the traditional name for kalayanarasam) means “Brahmin” or “Sage.” That’s why IyengerKalyanaRasam is so famous among Tamil Brahmins. And the word Kalayana in Sanskrit means “blessed” and thus its gets its cause of being a special part of all glorious feast at weddings as it’s a sign of blessing to the newly wed couples. One can know How to make Kalyana Rasam by browsing various websites.

The Tangy Twists

This yummy, sour soup is different from other rasams in various ways, and thus it’s so special. Some of its tangy twists are that it doesn’t need tamarind for its tangy flavor like other rasam instead it can be made from just tomatoes. The spices aren’t added to this while boiling instead they are added after the curry is thoroughly boiled and cooked. Unlike other types of rasam, this aromatic, flavourful soup is so special because it can be prepared without the typical rasam powder and even without sambar powder and yet it could arouse all your taste buds with its aroma. KalyanaRasam has a balanced taste of tangy and spicy due to the peppers used in its preparations. This is because of the freshly prepared spice powders each time the rasam is to be cooked.

The ingredients are a small list of spices and vegetables that are all time available in any Indian household. We at, bring this all-time favourite Tamil dish to your kitchen and your dining tables by telling you how to make Kalyanarasam, so that you don’t need for the weddings to wait to slurp this soup.

While enjoying these intricate of the flavourful Kalyana Rasam, go to the recipe section and bring out the special dish out of your desktops to your dining tables and enjoy the wedding bliss in your next lunch at your home.

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