5 Strategies To Make Your Online Teaching Better

online teaching

These days, teaching has reached a new high level with the help of remote teaching tools. An increasing number of colleges and universities are offering online courses. If you got expertise and experience in any particular subject, you can start your own online course as well. Here are some unique strategies to make your online teaching better:

  1. Use Real-time, Interactive Whiteboards

Your online teaching can match traditional classroom lectures if you can make sure of real-time, interactive whiteboards to describe or illustrate different subjects on the screen of your students. Use tools like BeeCanvas to use such sophisticated whiteboards.

  1. Maximize Interactions

To ensure your students are understanding everything you are teaching, you need to be open to student questions. Having an academic social network in your online course website is a great way to encourage your students to learn from each other and have answers to all their questions. Asking questions during your lectures is always a good idea to keep your students engaged.

  1. Familiarize your Students With The Technologies

Whatever online platform you use for conducting your classes, make sure your students understand basic features of the platform and make good use of them before you move on to the important stages in your course. Anticipate difficulties in technologies and solve the technology related problems in time to avoid unforeseen situations.

  1. Develop Confidence In Your Students About You

Before you move to the core phases of your online course, make sure you provide your students with enough information about your skills, expertise and experience on the subject matter of the course. Talk about how you have helped people to excel in the given subject and mention some of your subject related achievements. Just do not make it too promotional and make sure your students understand the benefits of successfully completing the online course under you.

  1. Always Give Examples And Tell Stories

Sometimes online courses can be dull and students might find your courses less interesting. You need to be creative to make your classes interesting and entertaining in addition to informative. Telling stories and giving relevant examples are always two very effective ways to keep the students interested in the class. Talk about different life events of yours in relation to each subject matter.


These are some simple online teaching strategies that you must keep in mind to improve your performance and teach effectively. Make your online courses delightful learning experiences for your students.