An Overview Of MOT Uxbridge Inspection

MOT, the test for checking the safety of vehicles, has been in place since a long time; still not every vehicle owner is aware of it. That is why many vehicles are not able to pass the test and it is usually because of minor problems. Being aware of various factors which are inspected during MOT Uxbridge can be of immense help in making your vehicle ready for the test. For your convenience given below is an overview of what is MOT and how is it done.

To ensure the safety and roadworthiness of vehicles which are more than three years old, a test is conducted by the Ministry of Transport and it is known as MOT. It is mandatory for every vehicle to clear this test in order to be considered safe. Driving a vehicle not tested under this system can not only lead to safety risks, but you might also have to bear huge fine, as it is considered as an illegal practice. Thus to avoid such hassle and ensure problem free running of your vehicle, it is suggested to take your vehicle to an approved MOT Uxbridge station for the inspection where a specialist will check it as per a standard checklist.

The first and foremost factor inspected is the overall condition of the vehicle to ensure that there are no signs of corrosion or damage. The engine parts and pipes should be intact, free from leakage. In case any part is broken or sharp edges are protruding, then you should get these repaired before the inspection. Besides this, the vehicle’s registration plate is checked to ensure that it can be easily read and the number mentioned there conforms to the one written on the registration certificate.

Tyres of the vehicles are also inspected for the right pressure, which should not be more or less than the designated limit. The condition of the tyres should also be satisfactory, without any visible signs of damage. Worn out or old tyres should be changed before the test to avoid delays or complications later on. The lights of the vehicle should be checked next as these should be working properly. Be it fog lights, headlight, brake lights or the indicators, all should be checked. If any bulb is blown out, then make sure to change it immediately or get them replaced from a mechanic.

Properly functioning wipers, usually considered an insignificant part of the vehicle, are equally important to get the MOT certification. These should work smoothly and without any hindrance. Damaged or old wiper blades should be replaced. Similarly, the seat belts should be carefully inspected as these are crucial for a safe ride. Worn out belts can prove to be a major safety risk and require timely replacement.

Along with being a legal obligation, it is also the moral duty of vehicle owners to maintain the safety, emission level and road worthiness of their vehicles. This can be ensured by visiting a reliable MOT Uxbridge station for hassle free and quick inspection, as well as credible result.

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