Are You Going About Hiring The Best People?

Are You Going About Hiring The Best People?

In operating your business, how confident are you that you’ve been doing a good job when it comes to hiring?

The goal of course is to get the right people in the right positions time and time again.

So, what if you could be doing a better job of hiring?

Yes, it may be time to look at your hiring efforts to see where some improvements can in fact be made.

Good Hires Make a Positive Difference

As you review your hiring practices, here are some things to focus in on:

  1. What you need – Knowing what it is exactly that you need in each employee you want to hire is key. Some people will bring certain skills to a job that others will not. Meantime, some people bring better personalities to a position than others would. Knowing the specifics of what you need and how one is likely to do their job will play a big role in making decisions. Since it is your company, you know what best it is you need and how to put the right pieces of the puzzle in place.
  2. Someone’s skill set – In looking over resumes, you may be concerned that one does not have all the skill set you want. That said they may be worth training. That is even when not having all the skills you would prefer for a specific position. Do not simply rule someone out when you do not see all the skills listed. You could be passing on one who brings a lot to the table at the end of the day and can be trained for the job.
  3. What their background involves – As key as job skills and experience are, do not sleep on one’s background. Yes, doing a background search on someone is key when looking to hire. For example, what if you are in need of a delivery driver or drivers? In hiring for such a position, you would want to know what one’s driving background is like. You could go online and do some research into this. The last thing you want to do is hire an individual with an irresponsible driving record. One way to dig into such past information would be doing a citation number lookup. If someone has a history of driving infractions, it may well put the brakes on deciding to hire them. Be smart and do the research before putting you and your company in a potential bad position.
  4. How one will fit in with others – Last, you can’t get to know someone until they have spent some time working for you. That said an interview does at least give you a partial glimpse into their personality. Someone with a personality and being social are both key. You want to get employees who will not only be talented in what they do, but are team players. That is they get along with others on the job. While they do not have to be close friends out of work, they do have to play well with others when on the clock.

In hiring your next person or batch of people, will you make the right calls?