Brigade Road and Bannerghatta Road restaurants cafes bars guide

Brigade Road is in actual one of the largest and busiest areas in Bangalore. That’s why many cafes, bars and restaurants were built. Here is the brigade road restaurants, cafes, bars guide for you.

  • Restaurants
  • Empire Restaurant

This restaurant is famous for its large variety of cuisines. Starting from North Indian cuisine to Mughlai and Chinese every dish here is the sign of great taste and quality. You need to try their chicken grill, Chilli Chicken, Butter Chicken and Kalmi Kebab.

  • Hae Kum Gang

If you love Japanese and Korean authentic food in Bangalore, then come here. Order their Ttuk Be Gi, Chulpan Gui and Tthakboqi to get the authentic taste.

  • Cafes
  • Trick or Treat

This place will surely attract students. Every dish they offer here is delicious. Their Chicken Tacos, Silence of the Lamb Sandwich and Seafood Pizza are something you should never miss if you visit this place.

  • Fatso’s

Fatso’s is all about fat burgers, shakes, giant wraps and cheesy pizzas. It’s a pet-friendly café also. Try their Belgian Fries, Little Lamby and the Wiener Wrap.

  • Bars
  • Arbor Brewing Company

This bar is India’s first brewpub that was made in American style. This place is absolutely perfect for night outs. Try their Irish Stout, Grilled Red Snapper and Pepperoni Pizza.

  • Plan B

This place is famous for its grills and steaks. Chicken Wings, Juicy Lamb Burger and Beef Steaks are something which you need to have in your plates if you ever visit this place.

Bannerghatta Road restaurants, bars, cafes guide

South Bangalore is sophisticated with different restaurants, bars and cafes. Bannerghatta Road is one of the areas in Bangalore which is also congested with various eateries. So you will definitely need a Bannerghatta Road restaurants, bars, cafes guide if you want a good choice in your list.

  • Restaurants
  • Absolute Barbecue

This restaurant is for those who want an elegant place keeping in mind the diet chart. Their Tandoori Crisp Tengri and Mughlai Dishes are awesome.

  • Savory– Sea Shell Restaurant

This is a family-oriented restaurant and the dishes here like Musshakkal, bangers and mash, Al Falham Chicken can make you fall in love with their taste of food. Their Arabian Platters are also awesome.

  • Bar
  • The Big Brewsky

This bar is perfect for families, friends and young couples to enjoy their multicuisine menu with freshly brewed beers and others.

  • Cafes
  • Ruh

This café offers wonderful quality dining experience to its customers with a charming Arabian style decor. Ruh can surely satisfy you whether you are ordering gorging on mozzarella rich risotto or bowl of paella or any other dishes.

  • Art Blend Café

With their fine dining services, Art Blend Café offers home-baked cookies with dollop of your intended toppings. You can design your cookies yourself. Don’t forget to enjoy their steaming espresso and cool strawberry smoothie when you will go on a hangout with your friends here.

This guide can actually guide you to the right places in South Bangalore and if you are a foodie, then you will undoubtedly appreciate them.