A Definitive Guide To Choose The Best Factory Mattress


It is a fact that you spend a third of your life in bed and it should be the most comfortable thing. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the best and the most comfortable factory mattress. If you think of replacing your mattress, it might be difficult and exhausting proposition. Actually, You might get confused with the numerous models that are available in the market but you have to choose the one that is the best for you. It is a personal choice and must go away with the problems that you must be facing like low back pain or any spinal problem. It may be expensive but you have to spend for your comfort.

What Type of Mattress Should You Buy?

  • The factory mattress that you buy will be used for at least 10 years so, the materials that are used must be durable and of good quality.

  • The first and the foremost decision about mattresses is the core. This gives support to the mattress. There are about four types of mattresses like foam, latex, air-filled and innerspring.

  • If you want a bed that has a bounce, you should opt for innerspring mattress. You can of course choose how much springy you can make it. The metal coils that are used ranges from thickest to firmest even thin and comprehensible.

  • The coils that are made in an inter-connected manner are extra-durable. The individual pocketed coils are all covered with fabric. This reduces the ripple effect that is felt when you move from one side to the other.

  • The innerspring mattresses usually have a fiberfill or an outer layer of foam. It is covered in quilted tickling.

  • You might feel great with puffy feel on the mattress but after a few years it gets compressed.

  • The extra firm base of the factory mattress should be your choice. If so, you must opt for memory foam that has a polythene core. The spring factor is much less. If you sit on it will not sink or budge. The quality of these mattresses does matter so you must know the specifications. The thickness might vary.

  • The factory mattress that has a bit of bouncy is the latex mattress. It is almost as the memory foam but has more of spring in it. The natural latex is something that is synthetic and antimicrobial. They might be expensive and will give service up to 20 years.

Tips To Buy A Mattress

  • Comfort is the main criteria when you decide to buy a mattress. The price of the mattress is secondary and to make your sleep comfortable the mattress must be firm and of exact size.

  • The size of the bed also matters. You need an extra space to sleep instead of a narrow one.

  • The firmness cannot be trusted with the labels like firm or medium and extra firm. You should test them personally by lying on it to confirm what you want.

  • The coils that are used or the inner springs give full support and allows natural curves for the spine.

  • You can opt for thick or thin padding. The thick padding on the top of the mattress that is called pillow top primarily gives comfort to the person.

  • The higher number of coils, thicker the padding and more expensive the mattress the higher is the quality. It provides an adequate level of support. It is basically that the personal preference and comfort level are the two important factors to choose the best mattress.

Mattress are not the same for every person so must be chosen with due care.