Maintain Mattress Hygiene With Guardian Mattress Protector

If you are one who feels that mattress protector is not for you, just rectify your idea. You must be aware that every human body holds different kinds of fluids and that automatically seep out during the time he/she lay or sleep on the bed. Among them, most common fluids are perspiration, saliva and tears. Further humans produce oil from their skins and it also sheds dead cells from your body especially when you sleep.

Alaso, sudden spilling of water or beverage is of no surprise. Eventually, all these leaves spots on your mattress and this can never be protected by bed sheets. It soaks these fluids and makes your mattress dirty. Keeping these basic issues in mind, Guardian Protection Products Inc. one of the world leading furniture protection solution providers has step forward with a series of Mattress protectors to meet your purpose and ensure durablity of mattresses.

With its value added furniture protection products and plans, the company has successfully earned immense confidence, faith and popularity in the global industry. Branded as EveryBed, the Guardian’s mattress protector items are symbol of quality, safety and status. All mattresses are made waterproof, washable and featured with the uniqueness of breathability that help keep all your body liquids, cells and allergens away from reaching the valued mattress. It’s not possible for you to wash your dirt or stained mattress. Secondly that is not recommended too considering its legibility factor.

With EveryBed Mattress Protector, you just don’t have to worry about cleaning the mattress Undergoing a standard laundry procedure is adequate to keep Guardian’s EveryBed Mattress Protector fresh, hygiene and clean. Sanitation is significant when it comes to mattress protector by which you can discard the possibility of dust mites, allergens and bacteria. Guardian Protection Products has been equipped with four distinct kinds of Mattress Protectors namely EveryBed Red, EveryBed CoolGreen+, EveryBed Cool Yellow+ and EveryBed Cool Blue+.

Depending upon your sleeping needs, you can go for the protector that suits your need best. All mattresses include Guardian’s Comprehensive Protection Plan for long 10 years and that also helps keep the mattress warranty remain valid. The cool series mattress protectors are brilliantly constructed that maintain your sleep temperature and let you enjoy a super cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

Guardian Furniture Protection Products

Manufactured in accordance with American research based outcomes, all Guardian Furniture Care Produces are free from harsh chemical compounds, solvents and bleach. Equipped with state of the art manufacturing unit, R&D departments together with competent chemists, researchers and quality assurance executives, the Guardian Protection Products Inc is committed to supply 100% quality products for your furniture care. The products have been established safe and protective to care fabric, leather, vinyl, wood, glass or micro fiber items.

Founded in 1977 in NC, the firm is a subsidiary of Fortune-1000 Corporate RPM International Inc, a specialist and leader in coating, sealants and allied products. The company offers its furniture protection services through dealers network spread all across the United States.