Chicken Preparations – Attraction of Every Celebration

Chicken is among the most common ingredients in most of the non-vegetarian kitchens. Numerous cuisines are present in the world and most of them have different and unique chicken preparations. Without chicken delicacies, any get-together or celebration remains totally incomplete. If you are fond of chicken dishes and want to cook them in your kitchen, then you can learn those recipes from various food websites.

Huge numbers of chicken dishes are available to appease your taste buds and among these preparations, some evergreen ones are described below:

Garlic Chicken: It is a spicy, hot, flavourful, and superbly delicious chicken preparation and it is also without the procedure of deep frying of the chicken. This delicious preparation makes a great pair with plain rice, Fried rice, rasam, and Hakka noodles. You can also accompany it with chilli garlic fried rice or garlic noodles.

Butter Chicken: Indian butter chicken is also termed as Punjabi murghmakhani and rarely any chicken lover is there, who does not like this absolutely outstanding preparation. It goes perfectly incredible with kulcha or naan.

Most of the times, people search for this dish on the restaurant menu card, however, you can make butter chicken in your own kitchen just by following its step-by-step procedure. This preparation is not so much spicy and hot like the classic South Indian chicken curry.

Kolhapuri Chicken: It is a spicy chicken curry preparation made with fresh ground masala. For the spiciness and incredible flavours, Kolhapuri cuisine has gained immense popularity.

The taste, flavour, and uniqueness of such preparations are sourced from freshly and roasted ground spices. You can learn the procedure of making the kolhapuri masala or alternatively you can use the ready-made one. You can search chicken biryani recipe in marathi in various websites.

Chicken Fry: It is a lovely crisp and fried chicken snack. Chicken Fry is both quick and simple-to-prepare recipe. You can make it whenever you have guests or friends at home.

Different variations are there through which you can make this recipe, however, if you wish, you can make it in the simplest way by following a systematic procedure. You can also give yourself a treat with this perfect chicken bites – juicy and soft from inside and crisp from outside. You can serve this chicken fry as a hot snack accompanied with your favourite dip.

Chicken Masala: It is one of the simplest and home-style Indian chicken preparations for the new cooks. This chicken recipe goes great with roti, rice, paratha, or naan. Great variations are there in making the masala chicken recipe across this country.However, each region is involved with a unique way of preparing this scrumptious recipe along with various locally available ingredients including sesame seeds, coconut, poppy seeds, cashews etc.

Some other popular and prominent chicken dishes are chicken curry, Chicken 65, Pepper chicken, chicken cutlet, Chicken fry, chicken burger, Thalassery chicken biryani, Tandoori chicken, chicken korma, chicken pasta, chicken fry biryani etc.

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