DIY or Rental Power Washing

When a very high pressure stream is used to blast away dirt, grime, filthy odor, algae and mosses from outdoor surfaces, it is termed as Power Washing. Since dirt and algae are strongly adhered to the surface, combination of high pressure and high temperature makes the cleaning easy and solves the purpose remarkably. There are many salts, mildew and mold that cannot be cleaned by the homeowners even after hard efforts employed, but added heat is potent enough in eliminating even chewing gums from sidewalks. Rental power washing is a highly effective service that handles grease stains on garage floors and drive ways. Weeds and mosses stay controlled as powerful hot water blast kills the germs and prevents there growth right away.

In short power washing is a heavy duty option that is ideal for cleaning heavily saturated surface with lots of dirt, stains and other stuff to clean off.

Should Pressure washer by rented or bought?

Pressure washer can be purchased or can be brought on rent. However, you must think as in how often will it be used and thereafter make the purchases. An average pressure washer machine costs around $400 and renting costs around $75. Apart from that the cost of gas, oil and its maintenance is separate. If you use the machine twice in a year for 4 consecutive years, renting the machine is a better choice. On the other hand if you use the pressure washer more than twice, it makes sense as this way not only daily rental cost will be saved but also the running time that machine takes to move back and forth.

If power washing rentals are called, everything will be done by the professionals and it will become a hassle free job for the customers. All they have to do is to make the payment and enjoy a clean house.

On the other hand if you buy the power washer, you need to look for many parameters.

  • Check rated pressure of the pressure washer. Remember cheaper units lack the required power to perform multiple tasks. Small sized units take longer. Expensive units are over powered and kill the home projects.
  • Check out the reputation and warranty offered on pump and engine of the machine.
  • You will have to assemble the parts yourself.
  • Apart from this you need to have pressure washer, spray gun, garden hose, tips and high pressure hose. Ensure that levels of oil and gas are proper.
  • There are many other basic information that person should have before making the purchases.
  • Check the manual carefully and go step by step.

Health Safety Concerns while Power Washing:

  • Since water is at high pressure, it may dislodge the materials and pose direct harm to the eyes.
  • It is advisable to wear safety glasses.
  • Closed toe-shoes and water resistant clothing is a must to wear to safeguard the body from hot water pressure.
  • Never point spray nozzle even by mistake towards someone as it can cause an accident.

Some precautions while power cleaning:

  • Older and porous surfaces if not cleaned with appropriate pressure can be damaged quickly.
  • Areas that are stained with oil should be cleaned via soap attachment as they pull out stains more efficiently.

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