Foods For Keeping your Nerves System Healthy

The human body contains billions of micro nerves which are very crucial for the life. This nervous system contains micro fibers which transmit the impulses at rates of 250miles per hour. It is necessary to keep our essential organs to be healthy, otherwise our lifestyle may collapse and any moment. These nerves are plays enormous responsibility in communicating with organs and communication outside the human body. To keep it healthy we have to provide supplements which strengthens them regularly and keeps it healthy. To do such task we don’t special therapies, following a good vegetable schedule can improve the situations.


There are certain vitamins we have supplied to body which supplies healthy benefits along with keeping the nervous system healthier. Vitamins, minerals like Folic acid, Alpha lipoic acid, vitamin B12, phosphatidyl choline, fatty acids, calcium, magnesium, B-complex, lecithin, chamomile, taurine and other special vitamins will boost the nervous system. We have to take care in such manner, all these mentioned vitamins should present in our daily consuming foods.


In addition to above mentioned vitamins we have to consider the vegetables, fruits and ingredients which beneficial to nervous system. Spinach is one of the best greenly leafy vegetable which is filled with powerful vitamins and nutrients. Spinach contains anti-oxidants, which fights with oxidant agents which are harmful for our body.


Garlic is a powerful source for anti-oxidants, other than providing a good taste of the food it plays good role in providing health to us. Our brain has aging property, when the brain start aging it start to lose some capabilities like memories, but regular consumption of ginger in our foods can prevent from this brain aging problems and formation of infections.


Nuts are very energetic and strength providing foods. These nuts come with lots of benefits, different vitamins and nutrients found in nuts can generate great strength to muscles. Nuts like walnuts, ground nuts, almond are best ingredients to clean the blood vessels. The fatty oils of the nuts that are omega fatty acids in walnuts can enhance the brain and the helps to lower the cholesterol levels.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are another beneficial food supplements to the nerve system. Specially brown rice contains high levels of Vitamin B6, which will help to prevent us from mental deterioration. This one caused by the harmful homocysteines. These grains also contains magnesium which is another good mineral to stabilize the brain health.