If you want to be amongst the top travel content writers, then be prepared to be disliked. You will never be able to convince your peers that you are going for a job at some different place, you will always be on holidays according to them. The other myth is that you will go to many exotic places for free, and all you have to do is to write. This is not going to happen from the beginning and until a guaranteed end. You might make it good enough in coming terms but making it big, global and glamourous and to earn much in the beginning is quite a huge task.

In travel freelance content writing jobs, you should focus on the following points :-

  1. Start small – Initially go small, don’t think of creating an empire of your own on your first day only. Start writing online for anyone and everyone, for free even if you are not getting paid for it. All you need is, get established. It will help you build not only your confidence but over the time a strong portfolio. Be ready to get neglected at first and have the heart to accept rejections.

  1. Know about the publications – It’s not a wise step if you don’t know about the publications for which you are going to write and get published. Initially you might do such stuff because of the new arena and field, but later on, you should be looking to every publication you would be coming in contact to before sending your pitches to them. So it is cool to send your story ideas as soon as it hits your head, but make sure that you are sending it to the relevant publications.
  2. Kind of Writing – The travel content writing job includes writing in many forms such as guidebooks, first person features, practical articles, 500-page novels. The most common misconception is that one should begin with lengthy descriptions and big features, but you should never do that.

  1. How can you be a good travel content writer – One of the most assumed truth by all new travel content writer is that everybody is interested. You have to work from the opposite assumption that no one is interested in your work, not even the closest of the person you know. You have to make it interesting somehow. No one will like to hear about your holidays, what will make them stuck here is your content about it, your focus.
  2. Be active on social medias – Gone are the days when freelance travel content writing jobs were one-way game. Editors will mostly contact you by your active accounts. With your activeness you will not be only letting them know where are you going and what all are your publications and progressions. It will differentiate your profile and will certainly raise your credibility level.