Global Talent Acquisition: Being Ready For Tomorrow

Global Talent Acquisition: Being Ready For Tomorrow

What does a human resources practitioner want? Genie who fulfils every wish at a command? But genie seems to be AI, robotics, and automation of today. Doing very mundane, monotonous, and ordinary jobs. We are living the megatrends we heard about. In a world of connected devices and disconnected humans, the confluence of robots and humans bodes well. Neither it’s a roll of the dice. Nor will they sound end knell for the employees.

Global talent acquisition, in the face of changing technologies, has seen a massive drift. Before you know it, any professional human resource certification that had guaranteed you success today would not suffice tomorrow. A professional human resource certification has to be upgraded and updated form time to time to ensure its viability and continuity remains.

The latest trend to take the world over is cryptocurrency. Before cryptocurrency falls in a legal quagmire and organizations have to be ready for tomorrow. The jobs in this new technology has been increasing steadily and they pay greater than any entry-level jobs of today. If you, as an organization, don’t know how to hire for crypto-jobs- the nuances and the parameters to test the candidates against- it would be difficult to set any criteria for such candidates. Even the compliance and regulatory procedures of such incumbencies have to be fully understood to contribute anything to the interview process.

The only thing to anchor your fleet to the enormous waves rocking your organizational boat is to keep reinventing, re-planning, re-strategizing, and reinvigorating the talent management systems, processes, people, and platforms. The organizations today have to ensure repeatedly, over and over again that their global talent acquisition models and standards meet the challenges that the world presents.

How do they do that, you ask? Here’s how. Each talent management practitioner in the human resources department of your organization must be adequately armed with the latest professional human resource certification. If they don’t have it in their portfolio- what are you waiting for- go and provide them with world class certifications in HR.

Hiring a certification house in-house under leadership and development programs can be a good initiative. After all, even the human resources managers are your employees. It starts with the team that hires to eventually streamline the process through the organizational dynamics of the importance of having the best-in-class qualifications to stay ahead of time. The rest of the employees will follow suit or else you must make them.

Being stuck in the past is not a question. Being stuck in the present will not take you anywhere. Being ready for tomorrow is the only alternative you have. It’s like tasting eternity in the now. It’s like rhetoric. But this is also like what tomorrow is going to be. A blind-eye to challenges will be toxic to the level of lethal. Organizational hormesis can be a beacon. Taking one disruption at a time to take the advancement bull by its horns.