How Simple Choices Can Transform A Room

When you’re decorating, it’s easy to watch your budget balloon up into something unmanageable and intimidating. You can get carried away in your quest to create the perfect bedroom, bathroom, lounge or kitchen and end up overspending. And of course, the most expensive options aren’t necessarily the best, so you could end up paying over the odds and not even creating the result you’ve been aiming for!

The key to decorating success is in the small, simple choices – the rug that pulls a room together, the new shelves that let you clear off your kitchen counters, the duvet set that complements your existing colour scheme! Today we’re giving a quick guide to some of the simple things you can to do make a real impression without breaking the bank!

In The Bathroom

The bathroom can be one of the most expensive rooms in the house to work on, with plumbing and specialist equipment to be factored in. If you’re trying to control your budget, you need to look at ways to give the room a visual refresh without replacing any of the expensive furnishings or employing plumbers or builders.

Choosing some luxury Edwardian Bathroom fittings is a great idea – you can fit new taps and showerheads yourself, and these lend your bathroom a new sense of style without getting into the costlier side of renovations. Accessorising with matching bathmats, and other touches like soap dishes and toothbrush holders can create a whole new look without having to strip things back to the foundations!

The Lounge

The most expensive parts of a lounge redecoration are likely to be items of furniture like sofas, armchairs and tv units. Steering away from buying all new furniture, you can makeover the room by changing the look of your existing items: customise sofa and chairs with throws and blankets – these don’t just give you a new look at low cost, they’re also easily washable, and help to cover any minor cosmetic damage!

The Bedroom

If you’re trying to add some personality to your room, you might find yourself in a bit of trouble – lots of us are stuck renting houses, unable to buy. This doesn’t just mean a limited budget for renovations, you also don’t have the right to make big changes! You have to get landlord permission to so much as hang a picture.

One of the things you can do to make your room feel more friendly without spending too much is to buy a rug! It makes a rented room feel less impersonal and with a well chosen colour, can tie all your other decorating choices together!

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