How Smartphones Could Help Us Lose Weight?

Many people want to get in shape and lose weight, but it can be quite a challenging mission. We should have a real commitment to make this whole thing happens and one of the most difficult thing is to change what and the way we eat. In general, our eating pattern is the sole cause of weight gain. 75 percent of weight loss can be achieved by making sure that we reduce our nutrition and diet. We should take control of things that we put in our mouth. Although we can still have three meals in a day, it is important to make sure that we consume fewer calories. We could achieve this only by using proper apps. There are free calorie-counting apps that we can use. In this case, we should be able to keep track of things that we eat each day. We will be reminded if we nearly surpass the daily calorie allowance. This is a very helpful feature if we really want to reduce calorie consumption.

Both Android and iOS platforms offer free calorie counters in their specific app stores. There are many apps available, but they have similar concepts and usability. You should read the information properly about what the app does before clicking the Install button. Once the app is completely installed, we could click on the Open button or the app’s icon. Some apps can be used directly, while others advise us to log in using our social media or email accounts. Before using the app, we should provide enough information, so we will get accurate recommendation. First, the app should ask us about our current weight. In this case, we should weigh ourselves before we could actually use the app. The next information that we need to provide is our gender and then our target weight. Our daily activity levels and age also affects our metabolism.

We could have different activity level, such as very active, active, lightly active and sedentary. This will affect the amount of allowed calories that should consume each day. We should have sensible weight loss plan. As an example, a good weight rate loss is between ½ to 2lbs each week. Fewer than that, it would be too long to achieve our goal, but larger than that we could find the weight loss program physically and mentally difficult. Some apps require us to create unique username and password, before we could use them. Once the account is created, we should be able to track our daily calorie intake goals and how many pounds of weight we should expect to lose each week. If we connect the app with our Facebook account, we could compare results with our friends.

It should be noted that using calorie counting app is relevant only when we prepare the food ourselves or we have the information through packaging. The app should have a large database of calorie content of common foods, but we won’t be able to get this information if we purchase food in restaurants.