Is there a true video fetching app?

For the users of the smartphone, video watching is one of the main activities that they do on this small device. The users who love to watch videos not only for entertainment but also to learn a few new things that can help them develop their hobbies or new skills. However, for such reasons, the users need to have the video on the smartphone, but the sites where such videos are uploaded do not allow it, and hence it is necessary for the users to have an app that can fetch the video from any site. However, in this era, one can find ample apps, but many of them are just for the sake of naming. They are already present on the play store, but of no use as in majority cases, they show an error only.

Find the right app:

For such video lovers, the Vidmate is the app that one can go for the use of it that can help the users to have the desired videos on the device. Here one needs to note that the user cannot find this app on the play store as it is not verified by android, but one can get the same from its main site which is known as 9apps. The user when visits the site he can find the link for the downloading of the app here. To download the app, he needs to click on the link, and he will be directed to the app, which will automatically get downloaded.

Downloading the app is easy here, and the same is the use also. The app gets installed automatically on the device, but one needs to see that there is sufficient space on the device so that it can be easily installed. Here one needs to note that the app is also small in size and hence does not occupy much space. The dashboard of the app is also self-explanatory, which makes the use easier.

The installation:

For the installation of the app, the user need not worry as it is self-driven for the same. One needs to be sure that the device has sufficient space that can let the app function well and also save the videos it fetches from different platforms with a variety of quality.  The user can see a message flashing on the screen while installing the app, which displays probable risk to the device, but he can ignore the same as there is no threat to the device by the app.

With the installation of the app, one can start using the same for which he needs to have a link of the concerned video. The video quality setting is also possible with the help of this app. Once the link of the video is provided, the app can download the same and store on the device from where he can view it repeatedly or share the same to any social media site also. One can also share the same to other users with the help of various apps and chat messengers.