How To Choose Best Skin Specialist For Acne Treatment?

The most crucial aspect of your skin treatment program is selecting an acne specialist. Here are some guidelines to help you select the best professional for delivering skin care, particularly for acne.

While searching for a professional to treat your acne, it is vital to research experience and qualifications, particularly related to acne. Majority of skin care professionals possess training and experience to deal with a variety of conditions but some doctors have undergone an extended amount of education in a specific area of skin care. A skin doctor in acne will have more expertise in treating acne and more experience in acne treatment. Consult skin clinic in Delhi which specializes in acne treatment.

Sometimes, skin doctors assume name of skin specialist without getting professional accreditation. While doing research on a practitioner, you must ascertain their level of education, especially in area of study and their credentials. At the same time, accreditation with a professional body is no indication of expertise in the treatment of acne but it does indicate that they have under gone relevant training.

Area of Expertise

If you wish treatment for your acne, ascertain that the doctor is specialized in the area of acne, in terms of expertise. Skin doctors have various areas of expertise like:

  • Lab and clinical dermatological immunology
  • Pediatric dermatology
  • Dermatopatholgy

Apart from these specializations, the doctor maybe specialized in areas like acne and skin allergies. She may also have a flourishing practice of laser hair removal. So as first step, ascertain that doctor is specialized in acne treatment.


The dermatologist may have maximum training and accreditation. But if he does not have good manners, he is not the one for you. Search for a skin doctor who really listens to you. Doctors who may be inattentive or rushed may not work with you for the best treatment. A good dermatologist will listen to your questions and provide the best answers. He will use plain language and not, medical jargon.


The field of dermatology is today, highly lucrative. Apart from treating skin diseases like acne, many dermatologists provide cosmetic procedures. Services like laser hair removal and wrinkle treatments are not covered by insurance. But some doctors promote acne treatments and skin care creams.

There is nothing wrong if doctor prescribes skin care line for acne treatment which leaves the patient healthy and happy. Unfortunately, a few dermatologists are keen on selling products than on patient skin care. So consult a dermatologist who does not push you to buy products.


Does the doctor operate from old, dilapidated university buildings or in hi-tech, luxurious spa like settings? Basically you should look for a clean office room and friendly, organized staff.


Usually, you can get insurance cover for consulting a dermatologist. But let the doctor know in case you are un-insured. A great doctor will prescribe generic medicines which keep down out-of-pocket costs.

Prices vary substantially from place to place and doctor to doctor. Hence shopping around can make a difference. The staff of the doctor’s office may be reluctant to provide a price over the phone. But if you are polite, you may get an idea of the price charged.

These are all tips for finding the best dermatologist for acne treatment.

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