How to Improve User Experience in Our Website?

The way we design our website could really affect user experience. In this case, each visitor can be considered as potential customers. Finding websites that could provide information we need is generally easy, however, we may not enjoy all of them. In general, people are more likely to buy from us if they enjoy being on our website. In this case, well-designed website should be able to boost our sales. It is important for use to choose colors carefully and we need to determine how websites should come across to our visitors. Unfortunately, many people make mistakes by adding dull colors that can make their website seem boring and plain.

On the other hand, overly bright colors can make our website seem unprofessional and chaotic. Bright yellow and red should draw our eyes, but they could be quite distracting. If we want to add banners and advertising on our website, we could use both colors attract people attention. However, it is easy for some people to overuse these colors and this could make using our website feel like an experience that strains our eyes. It means, people don’t want to look at our website for an extended period of time. Another mistake that we often make is by improperly designing our website that can make it slow to load.

The amount of time it takes to download our website is critical. We could lose our customers if it takes much too long to download a website. In this case, people just can’t be bothered to wait for long. We need to do specific things to speed up our website. Media and image files are often the worst culprit and they could slow down our loading time. We should use multimedia files excessively and it is important to make sure that images are kept small and at limited numbers. In this case, we should define proper width and height that allows for convenient viewing, but still has a smaller size.

Unfortunately, we do things that can make it harder for people to find their way around our website. The navigational structure of our website should be straightforward and simple. This will allow people to find our website easilt. It is a bad thing to lose sales because people can’t easily find what they want. There should be good navigational structure at the footer, header and left sections that are present on all pages. This could happen when people create their website from scratch and don’t want to use existing website engines, such as CMSs and web templates. There are things that we do that can make it harder for people to contact us. Contact information shouldn’t be placed on a dedicated “Contact Us” webpage, because this will require another step for users to contact us. Physical address, email, telephone number, fax and other details can be placed on the footer. We are also too eager to write text that we forget to organize texts in manageable chunks. Long unbroken paragraphs would be very unappealing for us to read.