How to Manage One-Product Website?

Many small businesses are selling only one highly specialized product. Other companies sell multiple products, but they create many mini sites integrated into a single network. With one-product website, it is much easier to focus on a single product and there will be no unnecessary distractions. Often, presenting multiple products in a single website could cause interferences. However, creating dedicated websites for only one product could result in increased workload and reduced results if we don’t have proper strategy to implement them. However, if we only have highly specialized product to sell, then it is important to understand how to create a one-product website.

In this case, we should be able to make our headline as a key point for orientation. Our headlines should be pointedly targeted and strongly worded. In many case, it isn’t effective to use only our product name as headline. This will result in a weak marketing message, because not many people know our product and they don’t how our product works. It is better to dramatize the headlines, although we should still do this realistically. As an example, we could make promises through our headlines. We may tell consumers how our products could solve specific problems.

Because we only have one product in our website, it is important that we are able to make our case in a positive way. The product should address specific problems and this will encourage people to purchase our products. The biggest worry is that many one-product websites are associated with scammers. However, if we only sell one product, we must be able to define how to create a good website. As an example, we could offer money-back guarantee and prove that our company is based on real, physical address. If the product will be shipped, we should be able to tell consumers explicitly how it will be delivered.

Our content should build towards its final conclusion and there must be multiple calls to action. They should explicitly ask for orders from clients. We should try to do this prominently, so it is possible for consumers to try to find the “Order Now” button quickly. In fact, we could also add multiple Order Now buttons that are directed to the same page. So, if people want to purchase our product, they can do so immediately from any webpage. Therefore, it is important for us to build the strongest possible case, if we have a one-product website. We need to orchestrate our pitch properly and we need to consider the format of our sales page.

There also other details that we need to consider, as an example, the text columns could be too wide for more comfortable reading. In general, it is more difficult to read anything wider than seven inches on the computer display. We could narrow down the width by adding blank columns to the right and left. Paragraphs should also now more than seven lines and it is to important add sub-heading to broken up long texts. We should make sure that sub-headings are meaty and interesting. In reality, many people tend to skim down the webpage and they will read only when they find something interesting.