Important Reasons For Preferring An Audi Car

In these days, the Audi car can give a pleasant surprise to the people, who are all a car admirer. An Audi has been released from a classy SUV, and it has gained an excellent reputation from the designers. The car design has been filled with ergonomically comfortable and quality materials for providing great security to the customers. The manufacturers have designed the Audi car from a powerful SUV model, which can stand out from the crowd.

The latest technique and features have been installed in this Audi car for giving better performance to the customers. You have to consult with Bakersfield car dealerships for gathering further details about Audi car. Let see some of the information about the SUV from Audi:

Better Convenience:

In the recent model, the Audi car can offer you an infotainment section with 10.1-inches touch screen display, which dominates the dashboard. The thin silver colored hexagon wrap can enhance their effect double, which can echo the shape of the front grille.

 The navigation system can be greatly improved by integrating with Android auto compatibility and apple car play via LTE advanced antenna. An audio system is placed in an available option to comfort your musical experience with 15 speakers.

Design Features:

The recent model of Audi car has been designed in a smaller size and a variety of features and benefits are included in a rich package. The modern MBQ can offer you the best modular architecture for achieving the great results from the customers.

While compared with the earlier version, the newer model has wider wheelbase, which can able to stretch easily. The overall length of the Q3 has been enhanced from four to 176.6 inches, which gives great change in both inside and outside.

The cargo space has also been increased from 50 to 54 cubic meter. Both of the door trims and sports seats have been designed with diamond-patterned stitching with an attracting color.

Provides Better Safety:

Most of the people give their first preference to safety; the Audi car has equipped with the most advanced features and techniques to provide better security to the customers. It includes cyclist detection capability, automatic emergency braking with the pedestrian, active lane control system, stop and go technology and adaptive cruise control.

These features have been working under the input fetched from the surround view camera, which can also activate a park assist system.

Performance Rate:

If you want to know the overall performance and stability rate of an Audi car, you have to go through the reviews of the customers. The recent model has been designed with four turbocharged engines and 230 counts of horsepower. Thus the car dealer near Bakersfield can provide you with a redesigned structure of an Audi car with a lot of facilities.

To achieve good handling, the turbo 4 engine is combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The wheel configuration has been greatly satisfying the buyers and drivers.

Thus, these are all the important factors you have to know about the SUV from Audi. Make use of this information, if you want to know about the features included in Audi.

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