Lowest Prices For Car Hire In Bucharest Otopeni Airport

Lowest Prices For Car Hire In Bucharest Otopeni Airport

Managing expenses while visiting a country or city is one of the most important things to be considered. Visiting Bucharest may become expensive when you hire a taxi to go from one place to another. Every time you hire a taxi, you will have to pay the taxi driver around 0.5 euros for 1km ride. Bucharest is the largest city in the Romania with 224km2 area. All the important and visiting places are scattered in the whole Bucharest. So if you are going to hire a taxi then, you should be ready to get shocks of high taxi rents. The better way to deal with high travel expenses in Bucharest is that you hire a car.

It would be amazingly comfortable that you land at Otopeni airport and see your favorite car standing before you. To hire a car that charges the lowest price to take you from the Bucharest Otopeni airport to any other location in the Bucharest or from any location of the Bucharest to the Otopeni airport, you must get Expert Inchirieri Auto car rental service which guarantees the lowest car rental expenses in the whole Bucharest.

Why Our Price is the Lowest?

We offer lowest car rental price to our customers because we want our clients to feel free and enjoy while staying at the Bucharest. We design the rental rates tariff keeping our customer’s priorities under the spotlight and after carefully analyzing the situation, we implement a policy so that our customer does not get affected. We believe in professionalism, long-term business relations, loyalty, and commitment.

How low are the prices?

Our prices are amazingly affordable when compared with other companies offering car rental services in the Bucharest. You can get a car for just 12 Euros for 3 days which is really amazing. We bring really special packages ranging from 12 Euros to 61 Euros per day for 2-3 days package. Our deals become more flexible when you make a long-term rental agreement such as for 15 days or more.

Benefits at Lowest price car hire in Bucharest Otopeni airport:

When you rent a car Bucharest Otopeni airport, we provide you with given surprising benefits free of any cost while our competitors charge extra for these facilities.

  • No more taxes:

Our lowest offer prices become more affordable when we say that you do not need to worry about taxes because our tariff rates for car rental include all the VAT (Value Added Taxes), Road Taxes and Insurance Taxes.

  • Vouchers and Discount:

Vouchers and Discounts make our deal more powerful and surprisingly valuable. You can get 2 to 25 Euros voucher each time you hire car from us.

  • Child Safety Seat:

If you have arrived at the Otopeni airport along with your family including small baby or child that needs more safety during the ride, we install child safety seat in your car to ensure the safety of your beloved children.

  • Insurance and Verification:

We provide our customers with completely insured cars with the trust of RCA and Casco Insurance. You feel more safe and protected in our cars because our insurance covers your luggage, you, car and everyone else riding along with you.

For further information about the rent a car in Bucharest Otopeni airport , contact us :

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