Make Your Co Workers Happy

Sending gifts to office colleagues can be a bit tough job if you want to send them personalized gifts. This is because it is not easy to get to know the personal preferences of every colleague. That is why; it is okay to choose some generalized gifts for them.

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Here are some gift ideas for people with whom you spend a lot of time working together.

Office stationeries

Office work is incomplete without office stationeries. Though most of the work these days is done on computers, people still need writing pads, pens, pencils, staplers, and other kinds of stuff to note down important things and arrange papers. So office stationeries never get old. One can buy a pen stand and fill it up with pens, rulers, erasers, highlighters, and pencils. Apart from that, one can buy lovely writing pads, stick notes and colorful board pins for their colleagues as well. This entire set of useful things can make them really happy.

Assorted Chocolates

If nothing comes to your mind when sending gifts to your colleagues then chocolates can be the savior. Most people love eating them so one can easily pick up a box of flavored or assorted chocolates and gift it to their colleagues. This will really brighten them up on a dull working day.

Coffee or Tea Mugs

Office work is stressful and so people often need tea and coffee breaks to make themselves re-energized so that they can work again with better concentration. How about gifting them a nice coffee or tea mug which they can call their own. You can always choose some plain ceramic mugs and do some nice doodles on them. Or else you can print a picture of your colleague on the mug. One can also go for nice printed ones, which also looks really classy.


Do your colleagues love reading books? Then you can always choose some new publications and gift them. You can also pick up something from their favorite author’s lists. Write a handwritten note on the first page of it to make it even more special.

Photo Frames

Gift your colleague a beautiful photo frame, so that they can slide their family picture into it and keep it on their desk. In fact, it is even a better idea if you can get hold of their family picture and complete the photo frame before gifting it to them.

Soft Toys

There are some funny soft toys available which can be a mood lifter at the office when someone is feeling not right. There are varieties of soft toys available from Disney characters to funny animal toys. These look funny and cheerful on a work desk and your colleagues will be very happy to get these.

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