Here’s Why Your Next Watch Should Be A Timex Fria


Modern day women are wielding more and more power with their ‘I can do anything’ attitude in all aspects of life. From being perfect homemakers to heading big business houses, women all across the globe are proudly leading their lives. They have broken into boardrooms, combat zones, politics and where not.

Women have always been champions when it comes to adorning themselves and creating a positive self-image. Be it styling up their favorite piece of clothing or gilding their wrist with a chic watch, modern day women have been expressing themselves in a variety of ways. To spiral this up, Timex, one of the best wrist watch brands in India, has come up with their gorgeous collection of women’s watch range – FRIA – representing the very spirit of modern day women. The striking collection, having derived its name from the Dutch word FRIA which means ‘free-spirited’, celebrates the beauty, femininity, and vigor of the contemporary Indian women.

Whether you want to wear these exquisite watches to your workplace or accentuate your party look, these intricately designed timepieces are ideal for a number of occasions, alike. Created in a whole range of styles to meet a wide array of budgets, FRIA’s new collection is more than just mechanical dials. So feel free to play around a little and celebrate the true colors of womanhood with FRIA.

Check out these exclusive watches from the incredible collection which will convince you to make Timex FRIA your next watch-

  • Round-the-clock glamour

Flaunting a lavish physique with navy-blue, round dial, this relic from FRIA is absolutely stunning. To give it a more feminine touch, there is a rose-gold finishing on the case.  Donning a delicate crystal-studded bracelet, this unique watch doubles up as an accessory. Its sleek design and flawless architecture match the mettle of present – day women – fierce, feminine and fearless. You can couple it up with your favorite evening dress or treat it as a daily accessory for a sophisticated yet modish look at your workplace.

  • Beauty in silver

This elegant watch is perfect for all the ladies out there who prefer a minimalist style. The classy silver bracelet with sky-blue crystals makes it a perfect fashion accessory. Offering a sophisticated style, this timepiece is ideal for everyday wear. It can perfectly go with the office to after-hours because of its irresistible charm. You must pick this eye-catching marvel to go with your casual as well formal attires. A single piece of fashion statement by itself, this silver beauty can transform your entire look.

  • Mother of Pearl marvel

Dare to dazzle with this bejeweled FRIA watch. The well-designed round dial is given a flattering touch with studded crystals, which makes it a perfect accessory. The dazzling dial is complemented with a silver-tone brass bracelet. This artisanal watch is carefully crafted to make a standout addition to your ensembles ranging from casual to work wear. If you are looking forward to accentuating your look for the upcoming festive season, this watch is a must to go for.

FRIA, a collection of latest wrist watches for ladies, strongly represents the idea of fierce, fearless and feminine modern Indian women. Giving the right amount of glamour to the powerful designs, the versatile FRIA watches are not limited to a single occasion. And the best part, with every watch you will be getting a delicate bracelet in either floral or start motifs, to further put the accent on your wrist. Whether you are an independent working woman who loves to treat herself or you are a perfect homemaker who deserves all the applaud in the world for her unconditional efforts and indomitable spirit, a powerful yet delicate FRIA watch is a must-have accessory for you, perfectly complementing your irresistible charisma.