Make Your House Your Home

Make Your House Your Home

How do you feel when you walk into a well designed and well-maintained room? You can sense how everything looks when it is managed and beautifully placed. It just feels perfect. Miami is one of the places in the world that has beautiful structures with superb interiors. If you know basic rules of interior designing, you can convert any place into a fabulous piece of art. Just pair your design skills with a little practice and you will transform your home into a beautiful place.

  • Balance:

In general, balance just creates a sense of equilibrium. It is important that you realize and then equalize the weight of every object in your space. It is not necessary to maintain the balance just by shape or size of the object, you can achieve a good balance by using the right color, texture or pattern for your space.

There are three types of balance:

  • Symmetrical balance: A traditional space can be maintained if we place equal weight or objects on both sides of the fulcrum. For example, if two chairs are placed on both the sides of a table you are maintaining a symmetrical balance between the objects.
  • Asymmetrical Balance: Ever saw a room that has objects of different sizes and shapes, with different colors and structures, but even after the differences, everything worked? This is what is known as asymmetrical balance. In asymmetrical balance, the two sides are not identical yet they maintain balance.

  • Radial Balance: Chose an element, if the elements around maintain a focal point with each other, it is the radial balance. For example, A round dining table and chairs placed around it. The pattern is repeated with same color and form, yet it looks perfect.
  • Understand your construction:

How can you design anything if you don’t know how it was created? If you want to create a masterpiece you need to know your construction. Search for your floor plan and layout and then decide how and where you need to make changes.

  • Create space:

How do you feel when you enter a place that is completely messy? The biggest task of interior designing is to make space. You can leave this task to architects or an interior designer, but why do you want to do it? Once you make space, find the products that fit into the spaces and also make sure they don’t give your place a clumsy look.

  • Research:

Nothing in this world is permanent, neither the technology nor the designs. Look for the latest trends, follow blogs that give you an idea of what is in demand these days.

  • Lighting and Lighting:

A dark room will never help you in knowing how it is looking. Without nice lighting, even the best design and interior will fail.

  • Choose the right color:

It is very important to choose the right color for the right place. Paint one wall with different color and another one with a lighter tone of the same color. This helps in maintaining the focal point of the room and at the same time add life to your space.

  • Decide the Focal point of your room:

To determine the focal point of your room you first have to know what are you going to use that room for? Like, if you want to use the space as your library the focal point will be the bookshelf. After you figure out the focal point, you can now maintain the balance between the different objects placed in the room.

Make your home look like your own. Give your home a look you want to see. Follow simple guidelines and you can do wonders. But don’t just stick to these guidelines experiment something new, after all it is your home, and you have the right to do whatever you want to.

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